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Motivation help?

Motivation help? published on No Comments on Motivation help?

Hello friends,
I’ve been feeling pretty much unmotivated to work on my comics for a long time and I decided that maybe connecting with you / seeing that someone actually reads this and cares, would be a huge help to me to get back to it.

If you want to come and say hi, I made a discord (and I will be posting there some stuff I haven’t posted on tumblr). Thank you!

english Aeltarnen

Comics update

Comics update published on No Comments on Comics update

Hey friends! I’ve finished one (kinda private) comics project for local magazine Abicko that took up most of the year. I did the coloring for the story of Jirka Tesař and it was fun! It will be eventually fully published online (czech only, sorry) and most of the issues can be seen here:

Even though my mind is always set on my own comics story, there is another private comics comission. (Which will be published in English!) Each chapter is drawn by a different artist, and the first has been already published!
So as soon as I finish drawing 40-something comics pages I’ll get to my own stories. 

Now, is there still anyone patient enough to wait for more pages of my webcomics? Let me know, I could use some support with my never-ending project!

No pages but at least some news!

No pages but at least some news! published on No Comments on No pages but at least some news!

Hello my dear readers!

I’m sending you greetings from my current residence in the comics underworld!

I know, I KNOW that you would wish for some new comic pages, but that is the one thing I can’t provide at the moment.


Because I am entangled in some private comics projects (as a professional comics-artist-wannabe I am) so I am currently working on two secret comics!

The first is a coloring of a really cool comics written and inked by my comics partner Jiří Tesař which should start to be published in a local magazine in autumn.

At the second project I participate as an artist of a chapter of a graphic novel written – again by my friend Jiří Tesař. It is a wonderful project connecting several local artists and will be published in English!

Both of these projects are occupying all my comics creation time (I’m not complaining) so what I create in the meantime are some sketches for fun and practice. And that is the content I’ve been lazy to upload on my web for a long time.

So this is the news – I’m going to upload more and more new pictures

and also – I decided to merge English and Czech (my-native-language) sites together to make it easier for me to just update and upload stuff.

Expect some commotion on the site and don’t miss new pictures in the Gallery and in Fanart!!


Vacation published on No Comments on Vacation

Hello my dear readers, I would like to announce that I am taking vacation until the end of august. Please don’t expect any new pages until then (and of course there will be no charges for the patrons on patreon). There may or may not be any pictures in the meantime. We will see.
I’ve had too much personal trouble hapenning in my life for several months and I finally decided that it’s time to oficialy have a brake.

Thank you for your patience, I love you all!

Page 74 WIP

Page 74 WIP published on No Comments on Page 74 WIP


I made a lot of progress on the next comic page, but it is not done yet. The perspective has been quite troublesome, so I had to make a 3D model of the background to give me a better idea how to arrange everything. It took me almost a whole day to remind myself how to work with 3D software, but  it is definitely worth it. I’ll upload the WIP page with 3D model for patrons to see it.

The page 74 should be finished on wednesday at the latest.


News published on No Comments on News

Hello my dear readers,

I am sorry that I haven’t been active much during the last month. It is finally changing for better, so I am getting back to drawing. What happened? I had to finish some courses at university and I’ve had too much work at my part-time job, I am teaching English in the meantime and I am preparing to start another part-time job soon. To top it all, I have to deal with some health problems. Too much stuff is happening at the same time.

But I want to finish another comic page during the next weekend. In case I am not able to finish it, I will show some previews.

Thank you for reading and your patience!

Please enjoy some recent pictures:

sennah sall Morti dalmayr Sharess tumblr_o9j3qbe5KH1s20lnfo1_1280 chibi elves elfovesharess_maly


No page this week

No page this week published on No Comments on No page this week

I am sorry sorry about the delay, but there will be no comic page this week (2.5.).  I unexpectedly decided to visit a local con Animefest and didn’t manage to finish the page. Please, enjoy a portrait of Mortifer instead!


He looks a bit tired. He was maybe on a con too?

What happened since the last blog post?
Page 70, 71 and 72:
page_en_70 page_94_en_094 page_en_095

And some illustrations:
jakeil dark_elf dal mortifer dal2 sioren bloodElfTamburuGLasses hith drow


Page 68 and 69 and bad news!

Page 68 and 69 and bad news! published on

Here, look at my beautiful cat!
Are you distracted enough? Now I can start with the bad news. Sorry, there will be no comic page this week. I am awfully busy with my school and work. But the worst should be behind me in a week and the next comic page will be on time! (And maybe the daily doodles will return too!)

Thak you for being wonderful and patient fans!

There have been two new comic pages published since the last blog post:
page_68 page_69en
And unfortunately no daily doodles. But more will follow soon!

Page 66

Page 66 published on No Comments on Page 66

And another page is here! Should they go inside? Taranis doesn’t think so!

Do you like to comic so far? If you would like to help me in its creation, you can become my patron on Patreon!

I didn’t draw many pictures last week, because I spent most of my time trying to work on my thesis and on the comic page, but at least some pictures are here:
Faeron Khandarleii, the most famous adventurer on Kierth! (You will see him in the comics one day!)

Morti is not happy that Nyara kind of confiscated his hair.

And Dalmayr bored more than usual. With his inviolable coffee.

And also some enthusiastic words from Sennah.

Wallpaper-ish Mortifer

Wallpaper-ish Mortifer published on

I’m sorry, no comic page this week. At least I made this wallpaper-ish Mortifer! The high resolution image is available for my patrons on Patreon:

How I love this color scheme!
I usually can’t stand my own wallpapers, but this one seems to be a good one. Probably will stay on my desktop for a while, reminding me that I should draw comics!

The last week was full of school, work, consultations and other unpleasant things, so I had to make myself happy with wierd linearts and one scary Dalmayr:

chlap elf kid you deda babca lineart2 lineart1 ssssvas_m
I really like the direction my art is heading.

Page 65

Page 65 published on No Comments on Page 65

It’s here – the page 65 of the Aeltarnen webcomic! The next one will be probably on Monday.  I will se how busy I’ll be with my thesis over the weekend.

And here are way too many daily doodles which I made during the last month and a half. I am quite happy with that background practice. And now I am trying to force myself to practice full-body portraits to become comfortable with them. Still quite challenging.

khar denet lasall dal_m sennah_s red_m haha_final_m 2016-01-28 2016-01-27a_final morti rocks 2016-01-19Cfinal 2015-01-19B 2015-01-17B 2015-01-16 2016-01-13 2016-01-8 2016-01-7 2016-01-6 2016-01-5 2016-01-04 2016-01-03 postavy palin drow_31drow_30_color

Comic slows down production

Comic slows down production published on No Comments on Comic slows down production

Hello my dear readers,

I am sorry that I have to announce my need to slow down the production of comic pages. I am not able to keep up the speed at the moment – I am in the middle of my exam period and I am also entering the last semester of my studies. So I need to use my free time to write a thesis and pass state exams and so on. I am really sorry about that, but making comics while working and studying is a too much demanding hobby for me at the moment.
I don’t want to put my webcomics on hiatus – I will still be working on it, but in a slower speed. I have also sacrificed the daily doodles (making it rather casual sketches). Please, wish me luck with the exams! The sooner I pass them, the sooner there will be a new comic page!

Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Page 62 and 63… and more drows! published on No Comments on Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Since the last blog post, these two pages have been published:
page_62 page_63

And I have one more prepared for the next monday. There will be no Alltarnen strip this week again. Sorry, too little time and too low mood for making jokes.

But (!!!) I am still making drows for that wonderful challenge called Drowcember. Serisously, if you like dark elves, look at it. It is a pleasure.
So here are the drows I have drawn since the last blog post:

drow12_14 drow15 drow16 drow17 drow18 drow19bc drow20b drow_21 drow_22 drow_23 drow_26 drow_27 drow_28 drow_29

There are still two more to draw, the end of the month is getting near!

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015) published on 2 Comments on No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

Sorry, there will be no comic pages this week! My exam period started and I am now buried in my textbooks and school projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to finish this week’s page and the next week page will be late too.

Please wish me luck with my exams!

Here, have some nice drows instead:

drow1 drow2 drow3 drow5 drow6 drow7 drow8 drow9 drow10-11 drow12

And a drow city:


Page 61 and daily doodles

Page 61 and daily doodles published on No Comments on Page 61 and daily doodles

How she loves to torture him…

The last week was very busy, but I was able to do some sketches:

2015-11-21 2015-11-222015-11-25 2015-11-24 2015-11-23  2015-11-26 2015-11-27 2015-11-28 2015-11-29
One fanart of Diexemor:
And I joined another challenge – the Drowcember:
drow1 drow2

I was able to finish the next comic page – it is already visible for my patrons on Patreon. So the next update will be on time.

A strip and more OC doodles!

A strip and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on A strip and more OC doodles!

Time is always my enemy. I wasn’t able to finish another Alltarnen strip because I promised a lecture about comics at Akicon The lecture was about preparation of hand drawn comics into a print – scanning, cleaning, texturing, lettering and so. And I wanted to make a special strip for the demonstration. You can see the result here:

I’ll have another lecture about lettering tomorrow, so there may be another random strip. We will see…

And what is more important and fills me with joy – I finished the OC october! During this challenge I had to draw a different original character every day. It was quite hard and it stole my time from drawing comics, but it was definitely worthy.
Here are the characters I’ve draw during this week:

dominic prince jack druid savil sall

Quotation and more OC doodles!

Quotation and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on Quotation and more OC doodles!

I need to make a new blog post. The last one about my sickness was too apocalyptic. I’m not completely ok now, but I managed to finish a quotation for the third chapter and a quacking which will be published tomorrow. (On regular Monday.)

I really like this page. If you compare it with the previous quotations, you can see my improvement. Yay! It seems great.

This month I am still working on that challenge – OC october. (You have to draw every day one original character you made.) I decided to rather draw character I have played in many RP campaigns – those I played too many times or those I haven’t drawn yet. My other original characters already have  enough space in my comics.

Well, the last week I finished these:
iaron richard arthaj upirka faerlin crispin drow
Six more to draw! Phew.


Big pile of news

Big pile of news published on No Comments on Big pile of news

I haven’t written any news article for a while. Many things have happened – my school started again, my websites were infected by some kind of spam, so I had to delete everything and to build them again. That slowed my drawing a lot. I still haven’t recovered everything, but the most important sites are running. And now I am ill.

So what is new? Since last blog article, I finished the second chapter and started the third:

ch2_page_57 ch3_c

I also made two new strips of that parody Alltarnen:

And I am still participating in the OC October.  (A challenge in which you have to draw a different original character every day.) This challenge is killing me. But here are my results up to date:

kena rolf orim dalmayr svetlonos aid sharess katie khar2 niathan elaiki tarnen akela nanthiel hyaril sasil vestkyne ambis

Page 56 + OC-tober started!

Page 56 + OC-tober started! published on No Comments on Page 56 + OC-tober started!

Now we are only one page before the end of the chapter! Are you looking forward to reading the next?

I decided to join OC-tober – a challenge where you are supposed to draw a different OC you created every day of the month.  I don’t usually do challenges, but this one is perfect.

So for the day 1 – here is my first OC ever:

And the rest of my newest daily doodles:
2015-09-30  shain tad caess  denets

Pages 51-55

Pages 51-55 published on No Comments on Pages 51-55

Finally some news. The last blog article I wrote was published about a month ago. What happened in the meantime?
Quite a lot! Some pleasant creative stuff and some unpleasant personal things. I was too exhausted to write a blog, but finally here it is.

So what happened? I had to leave my daily job (to be able to take care of my family members after some surgeries) and become an externe. The good point is that I will have more time for studying and drawing comics. At least I hope so. The bad point is that I lost my regular income. So if you love my webcomic, this would be the best time to support me on patreon:

I spent last month drawing, travelling, partially moving back to my family, and taking care of my eighteen years old cat who unfortunately died in the end. It wasn’t a happy month. I hope that future will be a bit brighter.

Now the creative stuff:  I finished drawing the second chapter of the story – The Bandits. I’ve published five pages since the last blog and there are two more to go in the next weeks. Then we will proceed to the next chapter.

These are the new pages:
Page 51
Page 52
Page 53
Page 54
Page 55

Expect two more! Then we will start the next chapter (oh, how much I love the next one!) and another surprise…. story. Whatever that thing is. The surprise thing will come probably on friday. You will see. It can’t be missed.
Or you can already see both of it on my patreon.

As you can see, I decided to return to the standard page format. So expect regular page size or double size.

And with a huge help of my friends, I uploaded most of my daily doodles archive on the web. It can be seen here:

My daily doodles could be also followed on tumblr as well as the webcomic.
The webcomic – tumblr –
Daily doodless – tumblr –

You can also follow the webcomic on Tapastic
Or Twitter:


Back! published on No Comments on Back!

I am finally back from my vacation. It was a fun time and now I have much to do. But at first I want to start with a first part of collection of pictures I drew in the meantime:
2015-07-29 n.209 (939) – Ambis

2015-07-30 n.210 (940)

2015-07-31 n.211 (941)

2015-08-01 n.212 (942) – Imnairi (lineart)

2015-08-02 n.213 (943) – Imnairi

2015-08-03 n.214 (944) – Iwgrain (lineart)
2015-08-04 n.215 (945) – Iwgrain (lineart)
2015-08-05 n.216 (946) – Faerlin
2015-08-06 n.217 (947) – Forest

Expect more !

News (29/6/2015)

News (29/6/2015) published on No Comments on News (29/6/2015)

What happened in the last month?

I finally finished second year of my studies. One more to go, but at least don’t have to do any schoolwork for next two months. (But I still have a job. But at least a little more time.)

My love for Clip Studio Paint is stronger and stronger. I no longer use Paint Tool Sai. The only disadvantage of Clip Studio is that the texts can’t be rotated, but that’s all. Perfect substitute for both Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop – at least for making comics.

Even though I decided to sacrifice part of my daily dooles in order to make more comic frames, I drew a lot of pictures in the meantime:

2015-05-22 2015-05-23

2015-05-24 mm tumblr_nozylb3M721s20lnfo1_540 tumblr_np6h39PgI91s20lnfo1_540

tumblr_np6h8sNECH1s20lnfo1_540 2015-05-29 2015-05-30 2015-05-31 2015-06-02 2015-06-04 kamaradi eleoloth2 dal 22bc76abe767c8d64ada04a1c65f6b5327dd8943 light pfff chibia elfka dalcarujici socialEnergy sharsmexy eleoloth_1 eleoloth_2 eleoloth_3 eleoloth_4 eleoloth_5 eleoloth hug

prison1 prison2 prison3 girl 2015-06-26 2015-06-27 2015-06-28

The World, Continents and History of Magic

The World, Continents and History of Magic published on No Comments on The World, Continents and History of Magic


Let’s start with a talk about the world itself.


The world of Aeltarnen doesn’t have any global name. People see their identity connected with their continents rather than being inhabitants of one planet. Opposed to that, it’s a common knowledge in civilised countries that the world is round and this concept doesn’t cause any major religious disputes or bursts of disbelief. Why? Because of the magic.

This world is heavily magic filled and the energy lines are circling the whole world. The less developed tribes may have not acknowledged this fact yet and they may see their world as a chess mat of gods or demons. The energy lines are perceptible for anyone who has a magic talent (or literally visible for the most talented). The other reason for the acknowledgement is teleportation. This magic skill is almost impossible to learn for the most of the mages (except for those dark bastard from Arkaba’s Star and for some posh elven nobility passing their secrets from generation to generation). Those, who try to learn it or at least to understand it, need to know the energy lines from hearth and they calculate the spells according to them. The patterns and roundness in the lines became visible to mages quite soon. And actually demons and other supernatural rabble knew about the roundness from the time they settled into the world. Let’s assume that some of them liked to mock the ignorant humans with true but ridiculously looking facts.


Okay, our world is round. What else?


This world has two moons – bigger Algar and smaller Agnar. Algar is similar in the size to our moon, Agnar is smaller and more distant. The time counting is based on their meeting in the sky. The solar year has approximately 335 days. It has 10 months. Long months (38 days) take turns with short months (33 days). The solar year starts with a short month.

We have three known continents in the “civilised world”. (That means in the North direction from the equator. In the name of world building I may admit that there is another civilised – but deliberately isolated – continent in the South. It is actually more developed than the North ones, but the “Northerners” have no clue.)


Since the story of Mortifer is set into Kierth (so-called “the old continent”by the Kierthans) we should take middle Kierth’s setting as a base. The full name given to this continent by elves is Kierthsilthrim, shortened by Imperials to Kierth. The other large continent is Saelnarin (so-called “the new continent” by the Kierthans and “homeland” by the Imperials. Do you feel the tension already?). Newly discovered and supposed to be uninhabited (but the Kierthan slavers know very well about it’s treasures) is icy Areth on the North. The last “unknown” continent in the South could have been mentioned in some legends and chronicles. Let’s give hime a name of Lenthrin for that purpose.


The main clash of cultures has been happening between Kierth and Saelnarin. Why?


The original race of this world is human. The continents and their nations had been isolated for thousands of years and forget about the presence of the others. The reason of their separation were wars of demon magic (fuelled by certain infamous demons). The magic before that time was given by gods and certain governing entities to their loyal servants and favourites (and then they made the mortals fight with each other. Hahah. Great fun to pass time for any divine entity). Some individuals learned other types of magic from demons and revolted against the deities to gain the freedom. The revolution ended in bloodshed and broken planes of reality, so the more reasonable surviving nations moved to Saelnarin and Lenthrin. The “corrupted demon lovers” had to stay on Kierth. (How could the loyal servants of entities move to Saelnarin and Lenthrin when there was no advanced “mortal” magic allowing teleportation at that time? They simply asked “their entities” to move somewhere safe. Those corrupted Kierthan mages actually won. It was Pyrrhic victory – they simply fought until the reality was so broken, that it wasn’t safe to stay on the old continent anymore.)  It was a really hard time for the Kierthan survivors. Their lands were destroyed, their best mages died and lands were filled with demons and vermin from intermediate planes and other worlds. The strongest outpost was Arkaba’s star, a city state build by Arkaba, one of the leaders in the ancient magic war. It is known that Arkaba gained his divine magic powers by a pact with a demon, which later killed him. Arkaba and his company weren’t any saints and even at that time he was seen as a saviour by some (by his proteges and followers) and as a bearer of destruction by the most. The common opinion nowadays is that Arkaba’s Star brought destruction to the whole continent, but they had no intention to remedy any of the damage and demon infestation afterwards. The Arkaba’s Star has been called a land of the dark mages since that time and it’s decay in the last hundreds of years (and the tyranny and executions from the last sovereign) are seen as a wrath of the Creator, destiny or a karma.


Long story short, we have isolated Lenthrin, loyal Saelnarin and broken Kierth (with that dirty center of dark magic). What happened next?


About two thousands years ago (as you may see that it is not that distant past) the elves entered this world as refugees from their own dying world called Esteria. They entered into middle Kierth, which has been the most broken part of the land and still is vulnerable to demon breakthrough, magic anomalies, etc. And after long fights with original human nations, they settled down and built nations of Laweren (middle Kierth), Aladena (west Kierth) and Mirheim (middle Kierth, but not that broken as Laweren’s lands).


It took a long time for both humans and elves to be able to live next to each other and since elves are immortal unless they die from a wound or a disease, they took over the governments of the most of the Kierth (except the corrupted Arkaba’s Star, some infertile northern lands, deserts, swamps, prairies, and Idira, another mage city-state and some islands). The elves used an element-based magic similar to the “mortal” magic the humans were trying to invent, so their techniques later merged together. The elves of course mixed with the humans and nowadays it is really hard to find pureblood humans on Kierth. This crossbreeding helped humans to master the elements (the elemental magic is really hard for Imperials who are mostly pureblood), and it helped certain elven tribes to breed more efficiently. Yes, you read correctly. To breed. The pureblood elven families usually can have only a one child in centuries or at least in several hundreds of years. If you see an elven family with many children, that means that there is a bit of human blood running in their family.

The humans from Kierth took over a bit of elvish appearance – they are smaller, slimmer, lighter skinned and have more colourful hair than their cousins from Saelnarin. The etiquette tells humans in elven ruled lands that they are supposed to shave (at least when they want to speak with the upper classes). The Arkaba’s Star has been able to resist the elven attack, so their human blood remained mostly intact. (Well, mostly. They have been crossbreeding with demons and other entities, so they have their own problems with bloodlines. People of Arkaba’s Star have usually dark hair and darker skin. Usually. Sometimes they have horns, glowing eyes, skin of unhuman colours, but that’s Arkaba’s Star. What would you expect from the dark mages.)

The inhabitants of Saelnarin are strictly human (with some exception of few elven exiles and prisoners). Saelnarin is the only continent reaching below the equator. It’s population is usually taller and more bulky than Kierthans and they have darker skin – from light tan, to the darkest brown. There is no racism based on colour of the skin on the Saelnarin. As opposed to that, the Kierthans may react exaggeratedly to a dark skinned humans, because they may have mistaken them for tarnens, violent cruel dark elven tribe. Every adult man in the Empire must have a beard or a moustache. Every. Man. Only the clergy is allowed to shave. Otherwise a shaven man is considered mentally ill, unworthy or worse – it must be a filthy Kierthan! (And of course – elves don’t have body hairs at all.)

The Saelnarin is completely overtaken by the Empire ruled by single Emperor and it is advancing to other continents, namely Kierth.


Kierth has been “discovered” by Saelnarin approximately three hundreds years ago and after a short period of attempts for a rapprochement, the “cursed and demon driven” Kierth started to be colonised by the Empire. The elves and elvish-like elemental magic was considered filthy and unclean and the Empire had taken down many elven lands on the west, including Aladena. Up to now the Empire has dominated almost half of Kierth. So called “Kierth province” is ruled by the Emperor’s cousin. The present Emperor is quite old now and is rather for a policy of stagnation and maintenance of already gained colonies. So the border hasn’t moved much for last decades.


The story of Mortifer is now happening at the borders of the Empire and Laweren in the middle of Kierth. Yes. In that magically most destroyed part of the planet.

What will happen next? Outburst of demon powers? The Empire will conquer the rest of the continent? Why did the elves run away from their own world? And what about that mysterious people of the South?


We will see…

News (23/5/2015)

News (23/5/2015) published on No Comments on News (23/5/2015)

Finally some news. It’s been a month again, so what happened in the meantime?

My Wacom Companion stopped charging, I had to send it to Germany to have it repaired and couldn’t continue working on the comic. I later got it back, made a comic page and the issue happened again, so I sent it to be repaired few days ago. I am working with my old Intuos now, it doesn’t feel the same at all and I can’t produce decent line art. So I guess that I will again just make pencil sketches or environmental practice until I got the Companion back. I don’t like being limited to working just on one device to be able to produce comic page, so I am thinking through changing my comic page process.


I was able to re-new my pencil skills, so I could always do a pencil line art and colour it with whatever device is available. But the problem is that I’ve been travelling a lot and I am not near any scanner most of the time. (That is why Companion was super useful.) I found a new great process of making sketches – sketching in the computer, printing it out with soft blue lines, drawing over it with a pencil, scanning it, and then erasing the sketch layer with some correction filters. It is super great for making a nice compositions, and it would be wonderful for comic making (since I would be able to leave enough blank space for the bubbles, prepare correct perspective etc.), but the problem is that I need not only scanner for that, but also a printer. *sigh* It would be much easier if I didn’t have to travel so much.

What other thing I wanted to change was the comic updates. Since I have so much trouble with finishing the pages in full scale of them, I was thinking about uploading them frame by frame more often. It sounds terrible, I know, but it wouldn’t be so bad, you will see. At least – more frequent updates. Yay?

Anyway, I am going through an exam period at my school, which doesn’t mean that I have more time for drawing. But I am super angry, that I have to spend so much time at my school tasks, learning for the 17 subjects I have to pass, etc. So it makes me do other staff for myself and the comic. I was thinking about writing down more world building stuff. I’ve been working on the world of Aeltarnen since 2000 (unbelievable isn’t it?) and starting the first version of the comic in 2003. So I have a lot of things that I like about the world and the characters that couldn’t be shown in the comic. And other people can learn them only through playing an RP with me or from my stories (and there hasn’t been much of them that I would translate into English) or from the Aeltarnen Wiki (still not finished and unreleased). That made me to think about releasing some posts about the world and minor characters from time to time. They will be here in the blog and I guess that I will post them also on my Patreon and on the Aeltarnen tumblr.

Or on my other tumblr blogs… I wish I hadn’t been so organised. Ehm. What tumblr blogs I actually have?

  • Daily doodles – updated daily with new doodles
  • Aeltarnen tumblr – updated with comic pages, news and world building info
  • Elven stories – I am posting short stories and poetry from time to time
  • Lysandr-a – my main account (you can send me messages there!)

What else happened during the last month – I wrote script for another comic. It will be released probably after I finish the chapter 2 The Bandits. It’s not about Mortifer or Salm, but some other heroes who will be involved in the Aeltarnen’s story later. I’ve already finished he cover, but you will see it later. (…and there are some sketches from the story on my patreon for the subscribers.)

Okay, that’s enough of making a wall of text. Thanks for reading!

Finally some pictures from the last month:

I made some more sketches:

2015-04-15 2015-04-16 2015-04-17 2015-04-18

bandite_24 2015-04-20

Some chibies:

2014-04-21 2014-04-22


Some black pencil sketches:

2015-04-23 2015-04-25 2015-04-27 2015-04-27 2015-04-26

Some random images:

2015-04-28 morti

And of course more sketchy images:

2015-04-30 2015-05-02

And then I discovered the technique with printed sketch, so it became even better:


2015-05-032015-05-04final2015-05-05 2015-05-06




I made some elven portraits:

2015-05-07 2015-05-09 ron

And chibis (that’s what oveload with school work does with me):

2015-05-10 2015-05-11

I practiced painting environments and working with colours:

2015-05-12 2015-05-14 2015-05-17 2015-05-16 2015-05-15 2015-05-22

And of course I made a tumblr giveaway:


And the images for the winners:

2015-05-18-ladyalec 2015-05-19ophelia luciasFinal2

So many images. In case you want to see sketches for most of them, subscribe to my patreon. Drawing daily is challenging, and one doesn’t feel improving at all, but when I look back at my art from previous years, the improvement is here. So I strongly recommend it 🙂




News (23/4/2015) + Patreon

News (23/4/2015) + Patreon published on No Comments on News (23/4/2015) + Patreon

Some good news for you and me:

  1. My tablet is back. The technical department of Wacom was super quick, so I can work on the comic again.
  2. My patreon is open! If you want to support me, now is the time!
    I dealt with registrations, certificates and the tax office today. And now I am supposed to do the paperwork every month so I changed my patreon to the month patronage. I will be drawing pictures every day and I will submit comic pages any time they are done. I haven’t been making many comic pages because of my school and my work last months, but I move slowly, but steadily forwards and I can promise the daily doodles.

If you don’t know how patreon work – it is a service that helps you support your favourite artist in a form of donations – per month or per work. You can donate as much as you want and there are certain gifts for each level of patronage.
If you decide to support me, you would be rewarded with pictures of my super charming cat every week:

These pictures are rewards for all the patrons. If you decide to donate more than 3$ you will get WIPs and sketches of my pictures. Donators of 5$ or more will see line arts and WIPs of comic pages.

For a 10$ donation you can get a chibi of your character:

icant rawr kidVesner_small

For 15$ you will be rewarded by a sketch of your character:

mortakTuzkou 2015-04-15

For 30$ is a reward colored sketch of your character:

2015-03-25 2015-03-28

For 40$ is a digital full figure of your character:

2014-11-09 2014-11-10

And for 50$ is a digital portrait of your character:

sennah morti

Does it sound promising? Take a look at my patron page:

…I know, the cat is the best reward of all. Here is another one:

And if you want to be sure, that I really WILL be drawing daily, take a look at my daily doodles archive since 2013:

News (14/3/2015)

News (14/3/2015) published on 1 Comment on News (14/3/2015)

It’s been a month since the last comic page, so I think that I should write some news post again. I have some bad news and some rather good news. The bad news first:

My Wacom Companion stopped charging few weeks ago. It turned out that it is an official technical fault of Companions made until 2014, so I sent it to Germany for repair. I should get it back in approximately two weeks, which means no comic page until then. This problem is also the reason why I have drawn so many pencil sketches lately. *sigh*

The other news: I turned 28 (oh gosh, I am so old, time is running so quickly), but this year I am too busy with school and work that I even didn’t throw a party. Buuut I took it as an opportunity to update my art progress sheet. It’s been six years since the last update, and now look at it – I’ve been taking drawing seriously since 2003 – and it is also the time I originally started the first version of my comic. It feels like I am getting somewhere. Have a look at it and be amused with Mortifer with a dove. Yes. I really drew that. It was a wallpaper and it was epic.


And now a summary of pictures I drew since the last news update:

moreles hory


I bought Studio Clip Paint and it’s excellent for digital painting. Need to practice landscapes more when I get my tablet back.

morti shar


…and also great for portraits.

cats tumblr_nm6dcgEUqE1s20lnfo1_1280 paka 2015-04-10

Not many chibies this month. Cos drawing them on paper doesn’t feel the same.

Sall_m 2015-03-28

2015-03-29 2015-03-30

I created a new character called Sall Faech. I didn’t expect to have such a pleasant character of a Laerin heritage (aka water elf). Laerins are the most violent and cruel tribe of elves. And Sall is a pleasure to write. Quite intelligent, sympathetic and good willed. I guess that I shouldn’t keep prejudices against own creations. (What will I do next time? Dark elven mages loving cats? Nope, that’s my life motto. Dark elven mages hating cats? Damn. Already have done it.)

2015-03-23 2015-03-24  2015-03-26 2015-03-27 2015-03-31 2015-04-05 2015-04-06 2015-04-072015-04-082015-04-11 2015-04-12 2015-04-14

Too many sketches.

2015-03-25 2015-04-09

These two are quite old character. One changed for the better, the other for the worse.




Aaand one gift for created by awesome  Aiffe and Kavos-pls


And another for wonderful Tracey and her webcomic Biotopia.


And the last are my sketches from school. My pink highlighter is running out of ink. I have no clue why.


Weekly news (16/3/2015)

Weekly news (16/3/2015) published on 2 Comments on Weekly news (16/3/2015)

Weekly news in almost a week, what a surprise.

I am on the mend. Last two months were pretty terrible both work and personal stuff. Finally today I finished the project which was killing me and now I should have more free time.

There is my to-do-list:

  • 1) relax
  • 2) catch up with my school
  • 3) interact with people (and answer all the emails Q__Q)
  • 4) draw more comic pages

Sounds promising, right?

I hope that no new disaster comes into my way.

Here are new images from the last week:



A gift for Aiffe and Kavos-pls

ea715303bf292e89ba0fe612fe48be6654583185 d0d7cf91bceb126bc835b58318a4fbe08554f0e8


I need to scan and process properly these two images.




A gift for Stinohra




I have bought Clip studio paint. What a wonderful software. All the images below were drawn in it. I am still figuring things out, but it works for me!



Dalmayr and his daughter Sennah.

tarnen krajina


A realised that I don’t have any STRONG female hero. So I made one.

(Please don’t get it wrong, I have many wonderful female characters, but none of them is power fantasy strong.
I couldn’t miss the fun.
.. so this one is now~)



And here is the last one. Mortifer is lost again.



Weekly news (8/3/2015)

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Finally some news again. There will be not much to say, but I have some pictures!

So what is hapenning? Erm… Well, when you think that things can’t get worse, please, don’t underestimate their power to suprise you. *grumble grumble*

I don´t want to complain about my life, so here, look at these nice pictures:

2015-02-16 2015-02-17 2015-02-18

chibi New-canvas2

2015-02-21 2015-02-22 2015-02-23 dalmayr orim 2015-02-26 2015-02-27 2015-02-28 2015-03-01 2015-03-02 2015-03-03 icant spell savil

Weekly news after a month?! (17/2/2015)

Weekly news after a month?! (17/2/2015) published on No Comments on Weekly news after a month?! (17/2/2015)

I am sorry… But there will be a lot of pictures.


The main question is: Where is the damn comic page? It has been a month since I published the last one.

Well… I finished half of it, it is a really long one. But then the exam period at my school happened and it didn’t go as smooth as I wished for. What I learned this semester is, that no matter how unimportant the class may be, if the teacher wishes, she can make the hell out of your life. (Come on, just 1 credit, we usually get 3-4 credits for passing a class.) But that’s what happened. I made it, but most of my classmates are still struggeling with it. Unfortunatelly my energy for interacting with people and creating has been drained and I´ve been having troubles with drawing recently. (And avoiding social contact, sorry, I will be available again, when I get my energy back.)

And what is bad – the next semester is starting this week. But I will try to finish the comic page as soon as I can.

That’s about the news and now the pictures I made during the last month:





I was experimenting and kind of hate the result.


Mortifer loves reading!

2015-01-15  2015-01-16


Totally random elves




Two attemps of a style change.




Another Dalmayr!


Arnay, once again.

2015-01-21  2015-01-22

elf2 copy


This one was a gift :-3

blue bird copy




These three were mostly random practice.



Mortifer deserved a little relaxation with a wine.



Another poor looking Niathan.

And chibi time! …with badgers.

sklp 2015-01-30

upiriVize2 upiriVize1

bedger jezevec

Nnooo ohhhbadger



Another attemp for a style change.









Well the style change turned out to be pretty good. I haven’t drawn with a pencil for a while, so I really enjoy it.



The pencil lineart together with flat colors and tons and tons of filters didn’t end up as I expected, but, oh, well, I can’t have everything.





And two really quickly done images. (Too tired to do something detailed and good.)

So, that’s all, thanks for reading!

Weekly news (13/1/ 2015)

Weekly news (13/1/ 2015) published on No Comments on Weekly news (13/1/ 2015)

And now I see that I forgot to announce the next comic page together with the pictures from my blog for some time… Okay. Time to do it.



I wasn´t able to finish the next comic page on time, so I made these chibies:



I also made a tumblr for my short stories, if you are interested, it is here:

And here are pictures:





I am not sure if I can dectibe Etherasil as a villian, but… you will see. He will be in the comic.


The Unnamed is a sad walking corpse. It was unusually good RP character, believe it or not.



My Christmas gift for Buslimpan,




kidVesner_small chibiprosinec2chibiprosinec cuch rawrces 2015-01-01

A set of chibies.Vampire Faerlin is a pleasure to draw.

gall4 gall3 gall2 gall1

A set of Galliawyr´s hair. He has some serious issues with his hair.


idioti2 elfoun

Some gifts for Kapybara

2015-01-10 2015-01-09


Designing a new character

2015-01-08 2015-01-07 2015-01-06 2015-01-05


Drawing some old characters

ista manamens

And finally gifts for Ask a drider and Stinohra.

That´s all. I think that I have been productive 🙂

Page 42 + News

Page 42 + News published on No Comments on Page 42 + News

Happy new year 2015 everybody!

I am sorry about the month delay of the comic. My work has been killing me – last two months were horrible and there is still no end to it. But is used the free time the holidays gave me and here we go:


Since I had no time for “proper” art like comics, I tried to sketch and practice anatomy and composition in the meantime.And I guess it worked – at least for my confidence. After a long time this is a comic page I am satisfied with.

Speaking about practice, here are my sketches from last weeks:


My teacher, I had a notebook in the lesson and… it came out… looking like a serial killer. But the teacher is really nice. Erm.



Nothing to say about these pictures. They are totally random.


Elharin. My bad mouthing baby. Poor half elf kid living in Capitol. I guess that he has no chance to make it into the comic, but I guess that he was unforgettable for my RP players.


More or less random pictures again. I wanted to practice coloring gray layer with another layer set to overlay. It came out better than I expected.



This bastard is my favourite. Expect stories about Niathan in the future.



This red haired thing was supposed to be someone… but I can´t remember now. Whatever.

2014-12-18 2014-12-19

Oh yeah. Vampire Faerlin. I guess that he will make it into more pictures… He´s enjoying the damnation and bestiality. A melodramatic idiot.

2014-12-20 2014-12-21 2014-12-22

More lineart practice.


Not happy with this one. I hope that I will get my coloring skill back one day. I used to color way better then I do now and I lost the skill. The moral story is – when you want to draw “like a pro”, never take a longer pause from it – or never do just one technique. (Before someone comes with “but your coloring is good” I just leave this and this here…)

That´s it. More compilations in 2015! I wish you a good New Year´s Eve party!







Weekly news (8.12.15)

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I decided to do a weekly news blog post (and I am forcing myself to do it for two weeks) because it would be nice for you to know what is happening (and what have I done in last week) and a great mood boost for myself (that actually something IS happening).

So what’s happening?
Not so much. You may not know that I work as a graphic designer / teacher at university. And I study English lecturing at another university, which is about three-hours drive from my home, so I spend too much time travelling every week.

The end of the year coming, which means finishing projects at my work and exam period at my school. Unfortunatelly, I am buried with work. I didn´t have time to make a comic page, but at least I contined with daily doodles, so here they are:



Sharess with a little story how he met his apprentice.


Crispin, the lord of vampires


Sad Lightbearer


This was supposed to be a sad-elf-with-blood-kind of comic page, but I had time only to finish the first part. Maybe I’ll finish it later.

And then I had even less time than before, so series of chibies is coming:






I dont think that I will have time to draw another comic page during the week (because I´ll have two exams and should read two books for finishing other classes), but I’ll try to at least draw some nice chibies.




Some news

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Hello, my dear readers!

Sorry for not uploading comics recently. I had some hard time at work, too much school work and some personal issues. But I relaxed on vacation last week plus I attended Akicon and had some great workshops in there, and I hope that I am relieved enough to slowly work on the comics again.

I hope that you are not too puzzled about why I sent here (and in the gallery on the main page) pictures almost every day – I want to keep my daily doodles going. The worst thing for the artist is to let your hand get lazy and to let it forget how to hold a pen. The daily doodles sketches usually take me only about twenty minutes to do. If you are thinking about trying to draw daily too – I highly recommend it! Drawing daily (at least twenty minutes) really can improve your skill in a long-term run. That I can prove in my daily doodle archive – which I keep from december 2012! Almost two years of daily doodles. I am proud of myself – at the beginning I thought that I would give up after a month.

I´m having some major exam next monday, so I am not sure if I can finish the next page in a week, but we will see. Please stay tuned!

New title and new site

New title and new site published on No Comments on New title and new site

Finally. I can say that the site migration is done. There is still some work left (re-uploading some images to the gallery, creating new banners, etc.), but the main content was moved to

It was an exhausting move, but – since I am used to work with websites – it didn’t take so much time. If you find a mistake or any error, please comment in the guestbook! I will repair it instantly.

I made a nice new logo for the comic and the new site, which you will see probably everywhere from now 😀

aelLogoCtverec300 aelLogoCtverec300B


Once again – what is new?

  • New name of the comic – Aeltarnen – it is nice, short and unique. Please feel free to use tag #aeltarnen when you sent anything connected with the comic.
  • New home site – – don´t forget to track our new RSS
  • New blog – I connected this site with my daily doodles tumblr, so expect new pictures almost every day! And more photos and blogs about comic making and illustration.

How can you help?

You can support me on Patreon! I would be very grateful and it would help me to invest more time in the comic making!