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Comic slows down production

Comic slows down production published on No Comments on Comic slows down production

Hello my dear readers,

I am sorry that I have to announce my need to slow down the production of comic pages. I am not able to keep up the speed at the moment – I am in the middle of my exam period and I am also entering the last semester of my studies. So I need to use my free time to write a thesis and pass state exams and so on. I am really sorry about that, but making comics while working and studying is a too much demanding hobby for me at the moment.
I don’t want to put my webcomics on hiatus – I will still be working on it, but in a slower speed. I have also sacrificed the daily doodles (making it rather casual sketches). Please, wish me luck with the exams! The sooner I pass them, the sooner there will be a new comic page!