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Happy new year 2015 everybody!

I am sorry about the month delay of the comic. My work has been killing me – last two months were horrible and there is still no end to it. But is used the free time the holidays gave me and here we go:


Since I had no time for “proper” art like comics, I tried to sketch and practice anatomy and composition in the meantime.And I guess it worked – at least for my confidence. After a long time this is a comic page I am satisfied with.

Speaking about practice, here are my sketches from last weeks:


My teacher, I had a notebook in the lesson and… it came out… looking like a serial killer. But the teacher is really nice. Erm.



Nothing to say about these pictures. They are totally random.


Elharin. My bad mouthing baby. Poor half elf kid living in Capitol. I guess that he has no chance to make it into the comic, but I guess that he was unforgettable for my RP players.


More or less random pictures again. I wanted to practice coloring gray layer with another layer set to overlay. It came out better than I expected.



This bastard is my favourite. Expect stories about Niathan in the future.



This red haired thing was supposed to be someone… but I can´t remember now. Whatever.

2014-12-18 2014-12-19

Oh yeah. Vampire Faerlin. I guess that he will make it into more pictures… He´s enjoying the damnation and bestiality. A melodramatic idiot.

2014-12-20 2014-12-21 2014-12-22

More lineart practice.


Not happy with this one. I hope that I will get my coloring skill back one day. I used to color way better then I do now and I lost the skill. The moral story is – when you want to draw “like a pro”, never take a longer pause from it – or never do just one technique. (Before someone comes with “but your coloring is good” I just leave this and this here…)

That´s it. More compilations in 2015! I wish you a good New Year´s Eve party!