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  • Silvara

    Hello. These two chapter have been entertaining, so I’d like to know if there is a newsletter or a RSS that can notify me through email when your post a new page.

    • Hello Silvara,

      thank you for reading my comic! There is definitely RSS: – for all updates (I post pictures daily as I am trying to keep up with my daily doodles)
      or – for getting updates about comic pages only!

      I am trying to make a solution with a subcriber mail list, but it is still in progress. I’ll let you know when I solve it.
      Best regards,

      • Silvara

        Thank you. There is a refresh frankness in your drawing here that makes me care for the characters. But given how much I love Drizzt do’Urden it wasn’t much surprising that I would enjoy your hero and storytelling.

  • Mark Linimon

    ooh, update, nice.

    • Yup! I am happy I could do finally another page. And there will be one more soon 🙂

  • Cormshee

    Yeah Salm. XD
    “Are you crazy?! Stop bleeding immediately!”
    He’ll do that, give him a minute 😀

    • : D Yeah. But I am not sure if it would be to Salm’s liking : D

  • JaneB

    Yay update!

    • : ) There will be more soon!

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