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Motivation help?

Motivation help? published on No Comments on Motivation help?

Hello friends,
I’ve been feeling pretty much unmotivated to work on my comics for a long time and I decided that maybe connecting with you / seeing that someone actually reads this and cares, would be a huge help to me to get back to it.

If you want to come and say hi, I made a discord (and I will be posting there some stuff I haven’t posted on tumblr). Thank you!

english Aeltarnen

Comics update

Comics update published on No Comments on Comics update

Hey friends! I’ve finished one (kinda private) comics project for local magazine Abicko that took up most of the year. I did the coloring for the story of Jirka Tesař and it was fun! It will be eventually fully published online (czech only, sorry) and most of the issues can be seen here:

Even though my mind is always set on my own comics story, there is another private comics comission. (Which will be published in English!) Each chapter is drawn by a different artist, and the first has been already published!
So as soon as I finish drawing 40-something comics pages I’ll get to my own stories. 

Now, is there still anyone patient enough to wait for more pages of my webcomics? Let me know, I could use some support with my never-ending project!

No pages but at least some news!

No pages but at least some news! published on No Comments on No pages but at least some news!

Hello my dear readers!

I’m sending you greetings from my current residence in the comics underworld!

I know, I KNOW that you would wish for some new comic pages, but that is the one thing I can’t provide at the moment.


Because I am entangled in some private comics projects (as a professional comics-artist-wannabe I am) so I am currently working on two secret comics!

The first is a coloring of a really cool comics written and inked by my comics partner Jiří Tesař which should start to be published in a local magazine in autumn.

At the second project I participate as an artist of a chapter of a graphic novel written – again by my friend Jiří Tesař. It is a wonderful project connecting several local artists and will be published in English!

Both of these projects are occupying all my comics creation time (I’m not complaining) so what I create in the meantime are some sketches for fun and practice. And that is the content I’ve been lazy to upload on my web for a long time.

So this is the news – I’m going to upload more and more new pictures

and also – I decided to merge English and Czech (my-native-language) sites together to make it easier for me to just update and upload stuff.

Expect some commotion on the site and don’t miss new pictures in the Gallery and in Fanart!!


Vacation published on No Comments on Vacation

Hello my dear readers, I would like to announce that I am taking vacation until the end of august. Please don’t expect any new pages until then (and of course there will be no charges for the patrons on patreon). There may or may not be any pictures in the meantime. We will see.
I’ve had too much personal trouble hapenning in my life for several months and I finally decided that it’s time to oficialy have a brake.

Thank you for your patience, I love you all!

Page 74 WIP

Page 74 WIP published on No Comments on Page 74 WIP


I made a lot of progress on the next comic page, but it is not done yet. The perspective has been quite troublesome, so I had to make a 3D model of the background to give me a better idea how to arrange everything. It took me almost a whole day to remind myself how to work with 3D software, but  it is definitely worth it. I’ll upload the WIP page with 3D model for patrons to see it.

The page 74 should be finished on wednesday at the latest.


News published on No Comments on News

Hello my dear readers,

I am sorry that I haven’t been active much during the last month. It is finally changing for better, so I am getting back to drawing. What happened? I had to finish some courses at university and I’ve had too much work at my part-time job, I am teaching English in the meantime and I am preparing to start another part-time job soon. To top it all, I have to deal with some health problems. Too much stuff is happening at the same time.

But I want to finish another comic page during the next weekend. In case I am not able to finish it, I will show some previews.

Thank you for reading and your patience!

Please enjoy some recent pictures:

sennah sall Morti dalmayr Sharess tumblr_o9j3qbe5KH1s20lnfo1_1280 chibi elves elfovesharess_maly


No page this week

No page this week published on No Comments on No page this week

I am sorry sorry about the delay, but there will be no comic page this week (2.5.).  I unexpectedly decided to visit a local con Animefest and didn’t manage to finish the page. Please, enjoy a portrait of Mortifer instead!


He looks a bit tired. He was maybe on a con too?

What happened since the last blog post?
Page 70, 71 and 72:
page_en_70 page_94_en_094 page_en_095

And some illustrations:
jakeil dark_elf dal mortifer dal2 sioren bloodElfTamburuGLasses hith drow


Page 68 and 69 and bad news!

Page 68 and 69 and bad news! published on

Here, look at my beautiful cat!
Are you distracted enough? Now I can start with the bad news. Sorry, there will be no comic page this week. I am awfully busy with my school and work. But the worst should be behind me in a week and the next comic page will be on time! (And maybe the daily doodles will return too!)

Thak you for being wonderful and patient fans!

There have been two new comic pages published since the last blog post:
page_68 page_69en
And unfortunately no daily doodles. But more will follow soon!

Page 66

Page 66 published on No Comments on Page 66

And another page is here! Should they go inside? Taranis doesn’t think so!

Do you like to comic so far? If you would like to help me in its creation, you can become my patron on Patreon!

I didn’t draw many pictures last week, because I spent most of my time trying to work on my thesis and on the comic page, but at least some pictures are here:
Faeron Khandarleii, the most famous adventurer on Kierth! (You will see him in the comics one day!)

Morti is not happy that Nyara kind of confiscated his hair.

And Dalmayr bored more than usual. With his inviolable coffee.

And also some enthusiastic words from Sennah.

Wallpaper-ish Mortifer

Wallpaper-ish Mortifer published on

I’m sorry, no comic page this week. At least I made this wallpaper-ish Mortifer! The high resolution image is available for my patrons on Patreon:

How I love this color scheme!
I usually can’t stand my own wallpapers, but this one seems to be a good one. Probably will stay on my desktop for a while, reminding me that I should draw comics!

The last week was full of school, work, consultations and other unpleasant things, so I had to make myself happy with wierd linearts and one scary Dalmayr:

chlap elf kid you deda babca lineart2 lineart1 ssssvas_m
I really like the direction my art is heading.

Page 65

Page 65 published on No Comments on Page 65

It’s here – the page 65 of the Aeltarnen webcomic! The next one will be probably on Monday.  I will se how busy I’ll be with my thesis over the weekend.

And here are way too many daily doodles which I made during the last month and a half. I am quite happy with that background practice. And now I am trying to force myself to practice full-body portraits to become comfortable with them. Still quite challenging.

khar denet lasall dal_m sennah_s red_m haha_final_m 2016-01-28 2016-01-27a_final morti rocks 2016-01-19Cfinal 2015-01-19B 2015-01-17B 2015-01-16 2016-01-13 2016-01-8 2016-01-7 2016-01-6 2016-01-5 2016-01-04 2016-01-03 postavy palin drow_31drow_30_color

Comic slows down production

Comic slows down production published on No Comments on Comic slows down production

Hello my dear readers,

I am sorry that I have to announce my need to slow down the production of comic pages. I am not able to keep up the speed at the moment – I am in the middle of my exam period and I am also entering the last semester of my studies. So I need to use my free time to write a thesis and pass state exams and so on. I am really sorry about that, but making comics while working and studying is a too much demanding hobby for me at the moment.
I don’t want to put my webcomics on hiatus – I will still be working on it, but in a slower speed. I have also sacrificed the daily doodles (making it rather casual sketches). Please, wish me luck with the exams! The sooner I pass them, the sooner there will be a new comic page!

Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Page 62 and 63… and more drows! published on No Comments on Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Since the last blog post, these two pages have been published:
page_62 page_63

And I have one more prepared for the next monday. There will be no Alltarnen strip this week again. Sorry, too little time and too low mood for making jokes.

But (!!!) I am still making drows for that wonderful challenge called Drowcember. Serisously, if you like dark elves, look at it. It is a pleasure.
So here are the drows I have drawn since the last blog post:

drow12_14 drow15 drow16 drow17 drow18 drow19bc drow20b drow_21 drow_22 drow_23 drow_26 drow_27 drow_28 drow_29

There are still two more to draw, the end of the month is getting near!

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015) published on 2 Comments on No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

Sorry, there will be no comic pages this week! My exam period started and I am now buried in my textbooks and school projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to finish this week’s page and the next week page will be late too.

Please wish me luck with my exams!

Here, have some nice drows instead:

drow1 drow2 drow3 drow5 drow6 drow7 drow8 drow9 drow10-11 drow12

And a drow city:


Page 61 and daily doodles

Page 61 and daily doodles published on No Comments on Page 61 and daily doodles

How she loves to torture him…

The last week was very busy, but I was able to do some sketches:

2015-11-21 2015-11-222015-11-25 2015-11-24 2015-11-23  2015-11-26 2015-11-27 2015-11-28 2015-11-29
One fanart of Diexemor:
And I joined another challenge – the Drowcember:
drow1 drow2

I was able to finish the next comic page – it is already visible for my patrons on Patreon. So the next update will be on time.

A strip and more OC doodles!

A strip and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on A strip and more OC doodles!

Time is always my enemy. I wasn’t able to finish another Alltarnen strip because I promised a lecture about comics at Akicon The lecture was about preparation of hand drawn comics into a print – scanning, cleaning, texturing, lettering and so. And I wanted to make a special strip for the demonstration. You can see the result here:

I’ll have another lecture about lettering tomorrow, so there may be another random strip. We will see…

And what is more important and fills me with joy – I finished the OC october! During this challenge I had to draw a different original character every day. It was quite hard and it stole my time from drawing comics, but it was definitely worthy.
Here are the characters I’ve draw during this week:

dominic prince jack druid savil sall

Quotation and more OC doodles!

Quotation and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on Quotation and more OC doodles!

I need to make a new blog post. The last one about my sickness was too apocalyptic. I’m not completely ok now, but I managed to finish a quotation for the third chapter and a quacking which will be published tomorrow. (On regular Monday.)

I really like this page. If you compare it with the previous quotations, you can see my improvement. Yay! It seems great.

This month I am still working on that challenge – OC october. (You have to draw every day one original character you made.) I decided to rather draw character I have played in many RP campaigns – those I played too many times or those I haven’t drawn yet. My other original characters already have  enough space in my comics.

Well, the last week I finished these:
iaron richard arthaj upirka faerlin crispin drow
Six more to draw! Phew.


Big pile of news

Big pile of news published on No Comments on Big pile of news

I haven’t written any news article for a while. Many things have happened – my school started again, my websites were infected by some kind of spam, so I had to delete everything and to build them again. That slowed my drawing a lot. I still haven’t recovered everything, but the most important sites are running. And now I am ill.

So what is new? Since last blog article, I finished the second chapter and started the third:

ch2_page_57 ch3_c

I also made two new strips of that parody Alltarnen:

And I am still participating in the OC October.  (A challenge in which you have to draw a different original character every day.) This challenge is killing me. But here are my results up to date:

kena rolf orim dalmayr svetlonos aid sharess katie khar2 niathan elaiki tarnen akela nanthiel hyaril sasil vestkyne ambis

Page 56 + OC-tober started!

Page 56 + OC-tober started! published on No Comments on Page 56 + OC-tober started!

Now we are only one page before the end of the chapter! Are you looking forward to reading the next?

I decided to join OC-tober – a challenge where you are supposed to draw a different OC you created every day of the month.  I don’t usually do challenges, but this one is perfect.

So for the day 1 – here is my first OC ever:

And the rest of my newest daily doodles:
2015-09-30  shain tad caess  denets

Pages 51-55

Pages 51-55 published on No Comments on Pages 51-55

Finally some news. The last blog article I wrote was published about a month ago. What happened in the meantime?
Quite a lot! Some pleasant creative stuff and some unpleasant personal things. I was too exhausted to write a blog, but finally here it is.

So what happened? I had to leave my daily job (to be able to take care of my family members after some surgeries) and become an externe. The good point is that I will have more time for studying and drawing comics. At least I hope so. The bad point is that I lost my regular income. So if you love my webcomic, this would be the best time to support me on patreon:

I spent last month drawing, travelling, partially moving back to my family, and taking care of my eighteen years old cat who unfortunately died in the end. It wasn’t a happy month. I hope that future will be a bit brighter.

Now the creative stuff:  I finished drawing the second chapter of the story – The Bandits. I’ve published five pages since the last blog and there are two more to go in the next weeks. Then we will proceed to the next chapter.

These are the new pages:
Page 51
Page 52
Page 53
Page 54
Page 55

Expect two more! Then we will start the next chapter (oh, how much I love the next one!) and another surprise…. story. Whatever that thing is. The surprise thing will come probably on friday. You will see. It can’t be missed.
Or you can already see both of it on my patreon.

As you can see, I decided to return to the standard page format. So expect regular page size or double size.

And with a huge help of my friends, I uploaded most of my daily doodles archive on the web. It can be seen here:

My daily doodles could be also followed on tumblr as well as the webcomic.
The webcomic – tumblr –
Daily doodless – tumblr –

You can also follow the webcomic on Tapastic
Or Twitter:

A Ghostly Lover

A Ghostly Lover published on No Comments on A Ghostly Lover

2014-10-11 n.285 (651)

The ghostly lover comes to let the pain
remind you of your mistress’s life ended in vain.

Having fallen in love with a human woman, Denzealiss tried to give her an eternal life through giving her half of his elven ageless soul. Unfortunatelly, she died and stayed attached to his soul, invisible for everyone else. Ever since that she begged him to commit suicide to let them both go to the other world. Didn´t he promise her that he will stay with her in life and death?

Back! (round 2)

Back! (round 2) published on No Comments on Back! (round 2)

Aaaaand the rest of the pictures (phew):
2015-08-07 n.218 (948) – A Dark Lady
2015-08-08 n.219 (949)


2015-08-09 n.220 (950)  and  2015-08-10 n.221 (951) – Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)

2015-08-11 2015-08-12
2015-08-11 n.222 (952)  and  2015-08-12 n.223 (953) – Amethyst (Steven Universe)

2015-08-13 2015-08-14

2015-08-13 n.224 (954)  and  2015-08-14 n.235 (955)  – Pearl (Steven Universe)

2015-08-15 2015-08-16
2015-08-15 n.226 (956)  and  2015-08-16 n.237 (957)

2015-08-17 2015-08-18
2015-08-17 n.228 (958)  and  2015-08-18 n.239 (959) – Nyara

2015-05-19 2015-05-20

2015-08-19 n.230 (960)  and  2015-08-20 n.241 (961) – Mortifer

2015-08-21 n.242 (962) – Sennah

2015-08-22 n.243 (963) – Shain
2015-08-23 n.244 (964) – A love against all odds


Back! published on No Comments on Back!

I am finally back from my vacation. It was a fun time and now I have much to do. But at first I want to start with a first part of collection of pictures I drew in the meantime:
2015-07-29 n.209 (939) – Ambis

2015-07-30 n.210 (940)

2015-07-31 n.211 (941)

2015-08-01 n.212 (942) – Imnairi (lineart)

2015-08-02 n.213 (943) – Imnairi

2015-08-03 n.214 (944) – Iwgrain (lineart)
2015-08-04 n.215 (945) – Iwgrain (lineart)
2015-08-05 n.216 (946) – Faerlin
2015-08-06 n.217 (947) – Forest

Expect more !