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Crazy hair

I wanted to try crazy hair elf and slay my nemesis - a very thin line art. 

Morning Exercise

My new years resolution is to be more active on social media (and this site of course), which shouldn't be a problem at all... based on my long lasting silence XD.

So here is one Morti for you which I made as a morning exercise today.

What does my fire elf say about snow?

Poor Khar (my mostly elf, partly fire) has never never been an enthusiast of cold.

Surprisingly he’s also never been a friend of really sweet beverages so hot cocoa may not save him! Grog though? Bring it in!

Comics update

Hey friends! I’ve finished one (kinda private) comics project for local magazine Abicko that took up most of the year. I did the coloring for the story of Jirka Tesař and it was fun! It will be eventually fully published online (czech only, sorry) and most of the issues can be seen here:

Even though my mind is always set on my own comics story, there is another private comics comission. (Which will be published in English!) Each chapter is drawn by a different artist, and the first has been already published!
So as soon as I finish drawing 40-something comics pages I’ll get to my own stories. 

Now, is there still anyone patient enough to wait for more pages of my webcomics? Let me know, I could use some support with my never-ending project!

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