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Nancy published on No Comments on Nancy


2014-12-13 n.348 (713) – I started this portrait as a really random sketch, but is ended up as something inspired by my English teacher´s girlfriend Nancy. A super awsome former opera singer, now an opera-singer-lecturer. I admire her so much, but I dont know how to talk to her : D (And my every attemp seems like fail. I´m so sorry, Nancy.)


Elharin published on No Comments on Elharin


2014-12-12 n.347 (712) – This was supposed to be Elharin, but maybe in some earlier years of his life, because his hair colour is all wrong. Elharin is a half elf living in Capitol (super racist area against all non-humans) and he is a really nice boy, but his vocabulary… oh… my… Since he is really used to vulgarities shouted at him, his language…  It was a challenge for me when I played him as a NPC. I´m not used to talk like this at all.