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Smile for the ladies

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2015-05-05 n.125 (855)  – Smile for the ladies – Have you heard about Faeron Khandarleii? Not yet? What a pity. He’s a famous adventurer. In fact he promotes his fathers weapons with his heroic acts.

…and he’s still single, ladies!

*Faeron shivers with terror*

Small Taranis

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2015-04-20 n.110 (840) – Small Taranis – I was productive today. The pencil sketch style wouldn’t suit the story of my main comic, so I decided to make another script and to try the style on the new thing. So I finally wrote a script of a story featuring little Taranis, Sennah and Natali, that I had in my head for a year. But it was too naive and without a strong punch line. *sigh* So I decided to take the basic idea and write something else with the trio. Now I have a new script (the previous one would be 16 pages long, the new one… I didn’t dare to break it down to separate pages yet. It would be at least 24, maybe 30). It’s darker and I hope that it’s better. I will be designing the characters and the whole look in next week.


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2015-04-10 n.100 (830) – Iziam – For my one hundredth picture this year I decided to revive this old character. He ran away from his terrible noble family (his sister did the same few years ago). Unfortunately he was caught by dark elven slavers and spent few months in an underground city as a pet slave. He later managed to escape to the surface and got caught again in a forest and decided rather to attack his chasers and die than to be dragged back. He didn’t stand a chance againsted trained hunters, and was mortally wounded. Fortunatelly for him (at least compared to his situation at the moment) the forest where he was dying was a living one. It claimed his is body and blood in exchange for his life as its servant.  Iziam agreed. The forest killed his attackers and took the boy to its depths. Since that time Iziam is living in the forest like a savage and tiny red and blue flowers grows from his blood.

Shadow Dancer

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2015-04-09 n.99 (829) – Shadow Dancer – This unfortunate lady was killed by her brother, who fell in love with her and forced her to make love with him. Her brother was a megalomaniac necromant, so he turned her dead body into a war golem who copies behaviour and personality of the master. Yup, they are on a high position of an emperial black list.

A Hero

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2015-03-14 n.73 (803) – A Hero – I was thinking why I didn’t have much STRONG female heroes. Well that may be because I don’t want to create a Mary Sue. So I made one. She’s strong, she’s allways good looking and she kicks asses. Still have no idea about her name and character, but whatever, she’s beautiful.

Badger badger

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2015-02-01 n.32 (762) – Badger badger – Since Faerlin refuses to drink human or elven blood, he has to feed on animals. But bringing him a sleeping badger was a huge mistake. Oh Goldenrod, what have you done! Now he wants to keep it as a pet! Badger badger badger badger badger…


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2014-12-25 n.360 (725) – Unnamed – I guessed that I should make some friends for Etherasil, so this is one of his victims. He used to be known as Aess’ness, but he had lost his name. And yes, this strange anatomy is correct. He is a mummified undead. A killer war-golem made from a body of treacherous noble dark elf.


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2014-12-12 n.347 (712) – This was supposed to be Elharin, but maybe in some earlier years of his life, because his hair colour is all wrong. Elharin is a half elf living in Capitol (super racist area against all non-humans) and he is a really nice boy, but his vocabulary… oh… my… Since he is really used to vulgarities shouted at him, his language…  It was a challenge for me when I played him as a NPC. I´m not used to talk like this at all.


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2014-11-30 n.335 (700) Sharess – I wanted to draw someone special for my 700th picture of Daily Doodles! So here is Sharess, the famous assassin from The Guild. He is one of the reasons why tarnens are so feared. There is almost nothing known about his past (he chose this tarnen-queen-mocking code name when incoming to The Guild) except that he must have been a nobleman and that he s not an outcast.

And – yeah – I love this character so much, that THIS ONE is the tarnen on the wallpaper of the main page! Nah, I sketched a page when he met his apprentice for the first time. Why are you so stupid, Andarien! You should run when you see a tarnen with a weapon!


…and now try to imagine Sharess slowly approaching the boy and then wiping the blood from his hands into the boys hair and walking away with grace.
I told you to run, Andarien. I told you.

The Lightbearer

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2014-11-29 n.334 (699) The Lightbearer – This shy girl is the one who can walk through eternal darkness. And she can lead others through there with her Light. She’s one of The Creator’s servants.

In her free time, she loves to read romance books, to spy boys and to chit chat with other weird looking creatures girls.


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2014-11-26 n.331 (696) Imnairi – This young man is a light elven mage specialist, trained to deal with blood, black and psychic magic. Very complicated job depending on purity of body, mind and energy. (Alcohol cloud probably kill him.) Still Imnairi is a troll who loves to trick common people with behaving according to the prejudice against light elves (going to extremes like putting flowers everywhere) and to test how far he can go before they realise that he is making fun of them.


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2014-11-25 n.330 (695) Shela – This young man is a teacher of illusions at Arkabas’ Star magic school. (Ilusions are only magic he can perform.) Oh man, he thinks he’s so cool… So much that he had to get himself a tattoo. But he’s so afraid of needles and pain that the tattoo is just an illusion. Surprisingly, Shela usually hangs out with Zallender. The old dragon must be really amused by this kid.