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No comic pages this week


I'm sorry I'm going away now and I can't take my drawing laptop with me - so there will be no new comic pages. I'll try to draw some traditional daily doodle - and upload them as soon as I get near a computer.

Have a nice week!

But at least enjoy this photo of my lovely cat:


Alltarnen 6

And the sixth Alltarnen strip is here:
On Monday I publish  page 60 of the regular comic:

I also polished the website a bit and added few daily doodles in the meantime:

Khar-portret chibiNimkar chibiTaranis chibiSennah linn winter
And I added a link to my patreon - any support would be appreciated!


Alltarnen 5

I made another Alltaren strip. A bit late, but here it is:


And here are the latest daily doodles:

drow paka Savil Elf

portrety1 portrety4 portrety3 portrety2

Next page on Wednesday

Sorry for the delay, I've been traveling and I wasn't able to finish the next page in time. 

New Alltarnen stip

It's here again. The parody strip:


And I made more daily doodles:
lineart morti_kapuca

Then there were prizes for my tumblr giveaway:
khar_pro_kytku Ailish_color prize
And this very special thing for the magic meat week:

And of course I made a regular comic page last monday:

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