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2015-07-01 n.181 (911) –Saihlin

Another exiled elven warrior. Trying to relax with a precious geen tea from his homeland.

page 49 part 1/7


Really such a necessary question. In front of her. Mortifer!

Faerias Kernadeel


2015-06-30 n.180 (910) – Faerias Kernadeel

In case you were wondering why Salm was facepalming so hard after he found out that the bandits wanted to keep Faerias Kernadeel's kid hostage.
This is him. The absolutely least appropriate person to blackmail.

But the reason of facepalming was a bit different: Faerias Kernadeel was sent to exile more than two hunded years ago. (His illegitimate children are a local urban legend.)

Thinking that the girl is his child and wanting a ransom for her are both an admirable combination of stupidity and ignorance.




2015-06-29 n.179 (909)

News (29/6/2015)

What happened in the last month?

I finally finished second year of my studies. One more to go, but at least don't have to do any schoolwork for next two months. (But I still have a job. But at least a little more time.)

My love for Clip Studio Paint is stronger and stronger. I no longer use Paint Tool Sai. The only disadvantage of Clip Studio is that the texts can't be rotated, but that's all. Perfect substitute for both Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop - at least for making comics.

Even though I decided to sacrifice part of my daily dooles in order to make more comic frames, I drew a lot of pictures in the meantime:

2015-05-22 2015-05-23

2015-05-24 mm tumblr_nozylb3M721s20lnfo1_540 tumblr_np6h39PgI91s20lnfo1_540

tumblr_np6h8sNECH1s20lnfo1_540 2015-05-29 2015-05-30 2015-05-31 2015-06-02 2015-06-04 kamaradi eleoloth2 dal 22bc76abe767c8d64ada04a1c65f6b5327dd8943 light pfff chibia elfka dalcarujici socialEnergy sharsmexy eleoloth_1 eleoloth_2 eleoloth_3 eleoloth_4 eleoloth_5 eleoloth hug

prison1 prison2 prison3 girl 2015-06-26 2015-06-27 2015-06-28

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