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  • Silvara

    Oh my, the way you draw the tarnen’s face in the first and last boxes! ♥

    • Thank you!
      I like that he smiles any time she speaks 😀 Such a sweethearth!

      • Silvara

        … Even through you’re the author. Haha yeah, I know. X)
        But you’ve just created a 28 years old fangirl, ma’am. Whatdidyoudo~?

        • Hahah. It may be that I am 28 myself 🙂
          You know, we girls know what we like~

          • Silvara

            Mh…maybe. If you’re into ( mahou shounen heroes, that is.

          • Silvara

            A good thing. And a pity. Because even with the many self published authors nowadays, on a lucky day I can find two or three books involving romance that doesn’t make me want to facepalm or find memory bleach. (I respect all tastes. Just…I can’t manage to understand “mainstream(?)” women)

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