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News (23/4/2015) + Patreon

News (23/4/2015) + Patreon published on No Comments on News (23/4/2015) + Patreon

Some good news for you and me:

  1. My tablet is back. The technical department of Wacom was super quick, so I can work on the comic again.
  2. My patreon is open! If you want to support me, now is the time!
    I dealt with registrations, certificates and the tax office today. And now I am supposed to do the paperwork every month so I changed my patreon to the month patronage. I will be drawing pictures every day and I will submit comic pages any time they are done. I haven’t been making many comic pages because of my school and my work last months, but I move slowly, but steadily forwards and I can promise the daily doodles.

If you don’t know how patreon work – it is a service that helps you support your favourite artist in a form of donations – per month or per work. You can donate as much as you want and there are certain gifts for each level of patronage.
If you decide to support me, you would be rewarded with pictures of my super charming cat every week:

These pictures are rewards for all the patrons. If you decide to donate more than 3$ you will get WIPs and sketches of my pictures. Donators of 5$ or more will see line arts and WIPs of comic pages.

For a 10$ donation you can get a chibi of your character:

icant rawr kidVesner_small

For 15$ you will be rewarded by a sketch of your character:

mortakTuzkou 2015-04-15

For 30$ is a reward colored sketch of your character:

2015-03-25 2015-03-28

For 40$ is a digital full figure of your character:

2014-11-09 2014-11-10

And for 50$ is a digital portrait of your character:

sennah morti

Does it sound promising? Take a look at my patron page:

…I know, the cat is the best reward of all. Here is another one:

And if you want to be sure, that I really WILL be drawing daily, take a look at my daily doodles archive since 2013: