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Big pile of news

Big pile of news published on No Comments on Big pile of news

I haven’t written any news article for a while. Many things have happened – my school started again, my websites were infected by some kind of spam, so I had to delete everything and to build them again. That slowed my drawing a lot. I still haven’t recovered everything, but the most important sites are running. And now I am ill.

So what is new? Since last blog article, I finished the second chapter and started the third:

ch2_page_57 ch3_c

I also made two new strips of that parody Alltarnen:

And I am still participating in the OC October.  (A challenge in which you have to draw a different original character every day.) This challenge is killing me. But here are my results up to date:

kena rolf orim dalmayr svetlonos aid sharess katie khar2 niathan elaiki tarnen akela nanthiel hyaril sasil vestkyne ambis