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Weekly news (13/1/ 2015)

Weekly news (13/1/ 2015) published on No Comments on Weekly news (13/1/ 2015)

And now I see that I forgot to announce the next comic page together with the pictures from my blog for some time… Okay. Time to do it.



I wasn´t able to finish the next comic page on time, so I made these chibies:



I also made a tumblr for my short stories, if you are interested, it is here:

And here are pictures:





I am not sure if I can dectibe Etherasil as a villian, but… you will see. He will be in the comic.


The Unnamed is a sad walking corpse. It was unusually good RP character, believe it or not.



My Christmas gift for Buslimpan,




kidVesner_small chibiprosinec2chibiprosinec cuch rawrces 2015-01-01

A set of chibies.Vampire Faerlin is a pleasure to draw.

gall4 gall3 gall2 gall1

A set of Galliawyr´s hair. He has some serious issues with his hair.


idioti2 elfoun

Some gifts for Kapybara

2015-01-10 2015-01-09


Designing a new character

2015-01-08 2015-01-07 2015-01-06 2015-01-05


Drawing some old characters

ista manamens

And finally gifts for Ask a drider and Stinohra.

That´s all. I think that I have been productive 🙂