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  • Great Basin Coyote

    I just noticed this after following your site for three months; did you intentionally color-coordinate the eye and hair colors of the main characters? The look of distress in the Tarnen’s face for being used as a bed by a little girl without permission is amusing. I’m curious if he will feel insulted or complimented that Nyara is using him that way.

    • Well, I am not sure what exactly do you mean. But – Salm has the same color of eyes and hair, yes. Morti has light blue eyes and silver hair, Nyara has yellowish/brown eyes and carmine red hair. I think that it’s the atmosphere overlay that did the same colour trick. I usually try to use the eye color also in their clothing, so it would reappear somewhere.
      Poor Morti, he’s a magnet for children. And always too distressed from human contact.

  • nomad


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