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Weekly news (16/3/2015)

Weekly news (16/3/2015) published on 2 Comments on Weekly news (16/3/2015)

Weekly news in almost a week, what a surprise.

I am on the mend. Last two months were pretty terrible both work and personal stuff. Finally today I finished the project which was killing me and now I should have more free time.

There is my to-do-list:

  • 1) relax
  • 2) catch up with my school
  • 3) interact with people (and answer all the emails Q__Q)
  • 4) draw more comic pages

Sounds promising, right?

I hope that no new disaster comes into my way.

Here are new images from the last week:



A gift for Aiffe and Kavos-pls

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I need to scan and process properly these two images.




A gift for Stinohra




I have bought Clip studio paint. What a wonderful software. All the images below were drawn in it. I am still figuring things out, but it works for me!



Dalmayr and his daughter Sennah.

tarnen krajina


A realised that I don’t have any STRONG female hero. So I made one.

(Please don’t get it wrong, I have many wonderful female characters, but none of them is power fantasy strong.
I couldn’t miss the fun.
.. so this one is now~)



And here is the last one. Mortifer is lost again.