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Weekly news (8/3/2015)

Weekly news (8/3/2015) published on No Comments on Weekly news (8/3/2015)

Finally some news again. There will be not much to say, but I have some pictures!

So what is hapenning? Erm… Well, when you think that things can’t get worse, please, don’t underestimate their power to suprise you. *grumble grumble*

I don´t want to complain about my life, so here, look at these nice pictures:

2015-02-16 2015-02-17 2015-02-18

chibi New-canvas2

2015-02-21 2015-02-22 2015-02-23 dalmayr orim 2015-02-26 2015-02-27 2015-02-28 2015-03-01 2015-03-02 2015-03-03 icant spell savil