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2014-11-30 n.335 (700) Sharess – I wanted to draw someone special for my 700th picture of Daily Doodles! So here is Sharess, the famous assassin from The Guild. He is one of the reasons why tarnens are so feared. There is almost nothing known about his past (he chose this tarnen-queen-mocking code name when incoming to The Guild) except that he must have been a nobleman and that he s not an outcast.

And – yeah – I love this character so much, that THIS ONE is the tarnen on the wallpaper of the main page! Nah, I sketched a page when he met his apprentice for the first time. Why are you so stupid, Andarien! You should run when you see a tarnen with a weapon!


…and now try to imagine Sharess slowly approaching the boy and then wiping the blood from his hands into the boys hair and walking away with grace.
I told you to run, Andarien. I told you.