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Daily Doodles


2015-03-19 n.78 (808) – Sharess wants to say something to Mortifer after the last comic page… Didn’t I mention that Tarnens see half-breeds as abominations? Well, now you know…

Daily Doodles


2014-12-06 n.341 (706) – Ireen and Elenwen – that is how they look like after a theatre performance. Even though he shouted at her (in the performance), kidnapped her and threatened her with death… HeContinue reading

Daily Doodles


2014-11-27 n.332 (697) Mortifer – I have finally drawn the main hero of my comics too! Half dark elf with amnesia and constantly grumpy mood. Don’t tell him that he’s short! It could have badContinue reading