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Daily Doodles

Sall Faech

2015-03-22 n.81 (810) – Sall Faech – young half-elven water mage. He had to leave The South kingdom after his father was murdered and Sall faced the same threats. Having moved to Laweren, he misses theContinue reading

Daily Doodles


2015-03-19 n.78 (808) – Sharess wants to say something to Mortifer after the last comic page… Didn’t I mention that Tarnens see half-breeds as abominations? Well, now you know…

Daily Doodles


2014-12-13 n.348 (713) – I started this portrait as a really random sketch, but is ended up as something inspired by my English teacher´s girlfriend Nancy. A super awsome former opera singer, now an opera-singer-lecturer. IContinue reading