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Smile for the ladies

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2015-05-05 n.125 (855)  – Smile for the ladies – Have you heard about Faeron Khandarleii? Not yet? What a pity. He’s a famous adventurer. In fact he promotes his fathers weapons with his heroic acts.

…and he’s still single, ladies!

*Faeron shivers with terror*

Small Taranis

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2015-04-20 n.110 (840) – Small Taranis – I was productive today. The pencil sketch style wouldn’t suit the story of my main comic, so I decided to make another script and to try the style on the new thing. So I finally wrote a script of a story featuring little Taranis, Sennah and Natali, that I had in my head for a year. But it was too naive and without a strong punch line. *sigh* So I decided to take the basic idea and write something else with the trio. Now I have a new script (the previous one would be 16 pages long, the new one… I didn’t dare to break it down to separate pages yet. It would be at least 24, maybe 30). It’s darker and I hope that it’s better. I will be designing the characters and the whole look in next week.

Shadow Dancer

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2015-04-09 n.99 (829) – Shadow Dancer – This unfortunate lady was killed by her brother, who fell in love with her and forced her to make love with him. Her brother was a megalomaniac necromant, so he turned her dead body into a war golem who copies behaviour and personality of the master. Yup, they are on a high position of an emperial black list.