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Daily Doodles


2015-04-03 n.93 (823) – Rivals – Oh my. Faerlin and Sall fighting for Goldenrod’s attention.This can’t end up well.

Daily Doodles


2015-03-28 n.87 (817) – Sall – My new character, what a darling. I don’t know why everything about his appearance has to scream “a water mage”. Especially when he is hiding in the mainland from port killers.

Daily Doodles

Sall Faech

2015-03-22 n.81 (810) – Sall Faech – young half-elven water mage. He had to leave The South kingdom after his father was murdered and Sall faced the same threats. Having moved to Laweren, he misses theContinue reading