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  • awesomesauce

    Ha!,”acknowledged the wiseness of the elven guests”, can’t wait to see what REALLY happened .

    Awesome comic , nice quality and story, i really hope more people see this comic, i really like how your world is not rainbows and sunshine and that you show the ugly and cruel side of the world , gives a “realistic” feeling to it.

    • Thank you! I am glad that you like my webcomics!

      The explanation is ready to be published tomorrow, so you don’t have to wait too long 🙂

      Thank you again. I am glad that you appreciate my way of storytelling. In fact, this world is a place where I have been roleplaying for more than 12 years. So for me it’s easy to see it in a realistic way. I am really happy that I was able to mediate the same feeling to my readers.

  • Silvara

    I love how you use the fallacies of real History into the narrative of your fictive world. It’s soundly and masterfully done, in addition to being enlightening. ♥ If anything, I’m sure that Aeltarnen will remain long in my memory because of that.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I am very fond of history and I hope that it shows in my story. I’ve learned many times that those who are supposed to be heroes (or at least legends tell so) are quite often ruthless warriors or even rogues (and on the other hand “the villains” may be just people making bad decisions out of desperation of misinformation).

      I am glad that you appreciate my “realistic” approach. I don’t like meaningless depictions of gore in order to shock the reader. I am not saying that there won’t be more horrifying panels in the comic, but I believe in proper use of them to make them support the story.

      Well, I love elves – I really do, but the Tolkien-like approach of flawless elves wouldn’t fit this world. But – I don’t think that you would be disappointed – it depends on an elven land we are speaking about. The story now takes a place near Laweren – a land with a half population of humans, half elves. The legends from quotations depict events which happened approximately two thousand years ago. Many things have changed. And these legends are seen as true to many young elves of Laweren. They believe that elves should be the good ones and really try to make difference. It hasn’t been shown in the story yet, but Laweren – because of the thin barrier between worlds – has been quite vulnerable. Elves and humans had to fight side by side against demons and so. It makes them see each other almost as equals and they share the same mentality. And what is the most shocking – the present elven king of Laweren married a human wife. (Actually many Laweren elves love human partners.)

      Then there is Mirheim. It is a neighbour of Laweren, a solely elven land. Some of the elves there are from the generation of the first. And also their queen was sister of the first king. They took the most destroyed land on Kierth and planted a living forest. They purified the land and so pure is their culture. What we see as “the flawless light elves” are the Mirheimers for people of my world. They are “the pure cinamon rolls”. Especially the young ones. The old generation from the first world is quite tough, but the young one’s are just… Pure creatures of goodness.
      And there are other lands like Ralmion or Ellurion where the elves usually see humans as something less and discriminate them. On the other hand the Empire is a solely human country which is colonising the continent of Kierth from the East. (The Empire came from the continent of Saelnarin, where there are no races except humans.) They see elves as demons and try to kill them all.
      It’s not simple at all and I love to play with the nuances.

      • Silvara

        Heh, when you wrote “what is the most shocking – the present elven king of Laweren married a human wife”, the element that I found most shocking was the human partner being female instead of male. Damn egocentric patriarchal authors.

        Sounds like you had fun with creating this world. I’m gald. 🙂
        And, I definitely want to see more of it ; whether through webcomic or webfiction.

        (“the pure cinamon rolls” Are you trying to make me hungry?)

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