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2014-11-26 n.331 (696) Imnairi – This young man is a light elven mage specialist, trained to deal with blood, black and psychic magic. Very complicated job depending on purity of body, mind and energy. (Alcohol cloud probably kill him.) Still Imnairi is a troll who loves to trick common people with behaving according to the prejudice against light elves (going to extremes like putting flowers everywhere) and to test how far he can go before they realise that he is making fun of them.


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2014-11-15 n.320 (685) Natali – Kata’s daughter obsessed with finding “the right man of her life”. She spend whole childhood finding a new father (with objections of her mother), and after growing up, she replaced this activity with a search for a boyfriend.

Sorry Natali, you try TOO MUCH! Warning: with a high probability of becoming an overly attached girlfriend.