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Daily Doodles


2014-11-15 n.320 (685) Natali – Kata’s daughter obsessed with¬†finding “the right man of her life”. She spend whole childhood finding a new father (with objections of her mother), and after growing up, she replaced thisContinue reading

Daily Doodles


2014-11-14 n.319 (684) Kata – The second judge in the Arkaba’s Star, also a teacher on a magic school. She’s strong, independent, kind to students… and sure can kick asses. You wouldn’t like to meetContinue reading

Daily Doodles


2014-11-13 n.318 (683) Ariana, Dalmayr’s wife and mother of the twins. Lady in her 40s, never ever letting her family forget that it was a political marriage. Super annoyed. You can imagine that she isContinue reading