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The Second Cup of Coffee

The Second Cup of Coffee published on No Comments on The Second Cup of Coffee

A short story about morning at Dalmayr’s home

  • setting:  360 CE, Arkaba’s Star (aeltarnen)
  • type: humour
  • lenght:  379 words
  • characters: Dalmayr, Sennah, Taranis (aeltarnen)

Mornings. He hated them. Mornings could go together only with a cup of coffee. They were definitely not a good match with stupid questions:

“Dad? Why do you always wear black clothes?”

Dalmayr  raised his eyes and looked at his daughter sitting across the table. She was grinning and her brother next to her was also suspiciously glaring at their father.

“Emm… It’s traditional,” Dalmayr tried to make up a proper answer and sipped from his cup again.

“But you are not from Arkaba’s Star,” said the boy, Taranis, curiously.

“Hm. But I am the ruler, so I should honor the tradition.” Dalmayr rubbed his eyes. Maybe if he closed them for a while, the children would go away.

“But why do you wear it at home too?” No, it didn’t work.

“Because it’s practical,” answered Dalmayr tiredly and smiled at the kids. Leave me alone. At least in the morning! He was shouting in his mind.

“It’s not, you have cat hair all over you,” Sennah acused him and smirked gleefully as a dragon.

Dalmayr knitted his brows: “Hey… It’s practical because you can’t see blood on it.”

Both children giggled. “But when the blood dries up…” “And what about hair of your victims?” “Not victims – students!” “Yeah, students are the real victims!” They shouted over each other.
Dalmayr finished his coffee and silenced them with a raised hand. “Enough. You got me. I hate buying clothes. And I have no fashion sense. I give up.”
“I knew it!” Sennah shouted victoriously.

“Yeah, yeah, you little spies. Now finish your breakfast and run to school, you are already late.” Their father leaned back in his chair while thinking about another cup of coffee.

The kids frowned at him: “But we have the first lesson with you.”

“Do you?” he raised one eyebrow. “Bad for you. I have a feeling, that the teacher would give you a test today.”

“Noooooooo!” Both children shouted with one voice.

Their father laughed. “Or maybe not. Now go to school, I am right behind you.” They fell for the trick and left the kitchen immediately. He sighed with a smile and decided that having the second cup of coffee is the best thing to do right now. Students would be happy to wait.