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It’s here – the page 65 of the Aeltarnen webcomic! The next one will be probably on Monday.  I will se how busy I’ll be with my thesis over the weekend.

And here are way too many daily doodles which I made during the last month and a half. I am quite happy with that background practice. And now I am trying to force myself to practice full-body portraits to become comfortable with them. Still quite challenging.

khar denet lasall dal_m sennah_s red_m haha_final_m 2016-01-28 2016-01-27a_final morti rocks 2016-01-19Cfinal 2015-01-19B 2015-01-17B 2015-01-16 2016-01-13 2016-01-8 2016-01-7 2016-01-6 2016-01-5 2016-01-04 2016-01-03 postavy palin drow_31drow_30_color