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OC-tober – Day 16: Sasil

Sasil was an unfortunate spy enslaved by a terrorist organization. I encountered this organisation with my other characters before and I wanted to have an experience from the inside. He tried to run away with his wife, but he didn’t make it. He was able only to get his wife out and he was later executed. It was quite a short game, but certainly full of emotions.

ge: 31
origin: a spy
abilities: uhm…
funny fact: It was one of the classic DnD games we played face to face. After his execution, I heard strange noises and looked up to see that there was something wrong with my Game Master: “Are… are you crying?”
The GM silently admitted: “Yes…?”
And it was so ridiculous, because my character didn’t stand a chance against the system that she created, that I started to laugh.
Oh, my. I still haven’t get rid of the label “that player who made her GM cry and then laughed”.

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