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OC-tober – Day 31: Sall
His full name is Sallarn Faech. His father was a sea elf and his mother a human. Usually the sea elves live in Ellurion (a pretty racist against humans) city, but his father moved to the South Kingdom long time ago and became one of the most important mages in King’s port. Sall learned from his father how to become a sea mage and was tallented enough to become his assistant. However, his father got involved into a political struggle and his opponent’s didn’t let Sall to pass the licences needed for the position. Sall later realised that there is no way for him to become a fully licensed mage and to find a job in the port, so he joined a crew of a merchant’s ship and sailed the seas. Unfortunatelly, while he was on the sea, his father was assassinated and Sall later found his body. The poor man left the South Kingdom with the fear of being assassinated too.

origin:  a half elf
abilities: controlls water and needs the essence of the sea to survive
funny fact: The water/sea elves (they are called laerin) are usually terribly arrogant and racist. I often used them as side characters and had no intention to play them, but Sall is a darling. One of the nicest characters I have. He’s quite lazy, insecure (needs a boyfriend to feel safe) and doesn’t have a clue how to handle children.

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