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2015-10-02 n.283 (1003)
OC-tober – Day 2: Rolf

This. Was. So. Tragic.
This is my fist actually played RP character. I was 12 and I finally joined a real table-rpg girl group. I really wanted to play an elven ranger or a druid, but since I was the newest player (they had already played some adventures) I was allowed to play the only character which was missing in the group.
…a dwarwen barbarian.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I was hearthbroken so much, that I didn’t even give him a backstory. What a tragedy.

origin: who cares
abilities: smashing
funny fact: It’s 16 years later and I am still sad about it. I wanted an elf!
Why, oh, why!

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