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OC-tober – Day 17: Raiala

This shy girl is the best prophetess ever. Her inner sight can predict the future so accurately… that people hate her. And she hates people. She hates everybody and everything, because at one point EVERYTHING disappoints you.
And the worst part are her relationships with men. Ehm, actually her non-existing relationships with anyone. She usually tries not to predict her own future and to live the moment, but hey. Sometimes you can’t help yourself.

age: 21
origin: a prophetess
abilities: too much accurate divination, cannot lie
funny fact: Playing her made me be really carefull about the stuff she says. Because everything she said must have happened. The predictions were fun, but the realisation of them was hard work . (Especially if other players are gleeful bastards, who won’t make it easy for you.)

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