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2015-10-03 n.284 (1004)
OC-tober – Day 3: Orim

Finally! An elven OC!  Not a mage yet, but it was definitely a progress. In order to finally play some elves, I became a Game Master myself and at the age of 12 I started building my own world, which you can see now as the universe of my Aeltarnen webcomic.
Even though Orim didn’t have any magical abilities, he was the cursed heir of Laweren. Due to a demonic spell he had to live in the exile until he reached adulthood. Then the spell killed his father and Orim was destined to claim the throne and fight against his younger brothers and the demon. It was a very naive character, but so was I and we had so much fun together, running on my grandma’s garden fighting with sticks instead of swords.

age: 100
the cursed prince of Laweren
abilities: finding trouble, being mysterious on a level of a 12yr old girl
funny fact: I still like Orim and I let him reign Laweren until now. He may appear in the comic. Actually Salm, Morti and Nyara are currently travelling  the border of The Empire and Laweren.

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