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OC-tober: Kena

OC-tober: Kena published on No Comments on OC-tober: Kena

2015-10-01 n.282 (1002)

I decided to join OC-tober – a challenge where you are supposed to draw a different OC you created every day of the month.  I don’t usually do challenges, but this one is perfect.

So for the day 1 – here is my first OC ever.  I actually got her as a persona, when I joined Xena themed “girl gang” when I was 11. Even though she was a gift for me (so I had a character already set into their fanfic universum), I kept writing her stories for several years.
name: Kena
age: 21
origin: a goddess who gave up her immortality
abilities: magic and archery
funny fact: Kena was supposed to have a boyfriend (as the only character in the group). At the age of 11 I really didn’t know what to do with their relationship, so he was usually knocked down by some villain and Kena kept wandering around having adventures. Poor useless boy.

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