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2015-10-10 n.291 (1011)
OC-tober – Day 10: Niathan

This idiot is my prescious baby. If I had to choose just one character that I would be able to play until the end of my days, it would be him. And he’s not even an elf. Are you surprised?

This arrogant egoistic idiot is with me since 2005. Quite a complicated character. He believes that he’s a reborn legendary mage, but in fact is a slave with modified personality controlled by demons. The demons use him as a tool to manipulate world’s affairs in their favor. Having a little personal freedom, he uses the little he has into the fullest. That snake is his pet daemon called (so original) “The Snake”. His hobby is to make everyone angry. Especially his owners.

age: 27 (?)
origin: a slave
abilities: sarcasm, chronic liar, being able to infuriate anyone instantly
funny fact: He needs to compensate his ego with everything. Having a bit of a Napoleon compex he loves strong tall woman. A tall lady with a strong personality? Bet he has already fallen in love. Unfortunatelly most of these ladies are not interested and he loves challenges. Having his butt kicked too many times, he just can’t stop trying.

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