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2015-10-09 n.290 (1010)
OC-tober – Day 9: Khar

I’ve already drawn some of my ancient OCs, so today is the newest one. A fire mage calling himself “Khar”.
He’s a former head of Reilthan family (a fire elven nobility), but he lost his manor when the kingdom of Ralmion was defeated by the Empire. Having lost his wife and son, now he works as a spy for The Southern Kingdoms.
He tried to die his red hair black to make himself less visible, but I don’t think that there is anything to help him merge with the crowd.

age: 374
origin: an elven rebel
abilities: Fire!!!!! And a nice butt.
funny fact:  His face is really expressive. When he’s smiling, it’s like a shining sun. On the other hand when he thinks that you are an idiot, you are sure to know that. Everybody does. His face expressions sometimes stand in the way of his spying, so he’s mostly used as a distraction. He recently lost his left eye while he was trying to distract the inquisition so they wouldn’t arrest his employer. He ended up tortured at prison. Sometimes the distraction works too well.

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