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OC-tober – Day 12: Ireen

This small dark elf is another old character of mine. At one point, I was bored with all the mages and warriors and decided to leave “classic DnD classes” behind and to experiment a bit more. So I made Ireen. He used to be  a dancer/actor from a family of actors. They were allowed to travel across the dark elven empire and perform what they could do the best – theather, brothel and assassinatons. They had as much freedom as any non-noble dark elf could have. It didn’t end up well, of course. They perfomed an assassination for a Mistress of a city, but then she identified them as culprits and had most of the actors executed. Ireen, one of the younger inexperienced ones, was hunted as a target practice by slavers. He managed to get to the surface and survived long enough to be rescued by students of magic of Arkaba’s Star. Now he lives in Arkaba’s Star making his living as an actor and a toymaker.

age: 141
origin: a dancer and an actor
abilities: toy making, dancing, somehow almost everybody wants to cuddle him
funny fact: At one point Ireen got A+ from an exam of illustions even though he has no magical talent. The students of magic brought him there just for fun to show his skill of improvization and the teacher was so amused that he let him pass.


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