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OC-tober – Day 15: Hyaril

I tried to play Nanthiel with another RP group, but our GM was really tough and she was killed quickly in a first “serous” fight. Because a creation of a new character would take too long, I got one of the rangers accompanying our military convoy.

age: 270
origin: a ranger
abilities: racist against humans, alcoholic
funny fact: Almost everybody in this group wanted to play elves, but our GM hated elves so much. He let us create the characters, but the game ended up with us (elves), being killed by human templars in the name of their god, because “elves are evil”. We tried to reach one of the ancient temples of our goddes who left us behind. After all the suffering, she finally appeared and said “you are in fact evil. You are going to die.” Oh well.
Our elves managed to negotiate with the temlars and were allowed to search for a new world to move our nation there.

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