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OC-tober – Day 23: Faerlin
I couldn’t miss the opportunity to draw this legendary thing. He’s also called Kestrel or Vixen.
His homeland was destroyed by the Empire when he was a small kid. No one of his family survived the raid of Empire’s soldiers. Only Faerlin was carried to a forest by one of the servants and left there to wait for help. No one ever came, so Faerlin moved to the wilderness to take care of himself and to get vengeance. He lived in the wilderness for about 40 years. Taking care of himself and trying to kill as many Empire soldiers as he could. Even though he later got under a care of an elven patron and was tamed by an elven nobility, the wilderness never really left his mind.

age: 380-something
origin: a wolf-child, a child soldier
abilities: can survive anything
funny fact: He was changed into a vampire…. and actually being a bloodsucking demon was much more comfortable for him instead of being a responsible member of civilised society.

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