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Drow wizard

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OC-tober – Day 25: Drow wizard
This lady is another ancient RP OC of mine. So old that I forgot her name. I tried to find character sheets from those campaigns, but no luck. The campaigns were in fact a contest between several groups with several GMs and it was placed in the world of The Forgotten Realms. So there were the good templars, some neutral druids, the Harpers and our “evil drow group”. We won the second and the third campaign. The world is now covered in eternal darkness, yay!

age: 170
origin: an evil adventurer
abilities: charming innocent templars
funny fact:  It was usually a three days event and each group had one room with a GM and we could eventually meet, fight or negotiate. At one point our thief wanted to steal something from the temple of Lolth, so we had to make a huge distraction. So mine and my friend’s drow ladies started dancing in the pub and strip their clothes. It was of course an offense of matriarchy and the local priestess of Lolth came in with their soldiers to arrest us. (And our thief could get inside the temple.) My character managed to cast an invisibility spell and disappeared, the other one was captured and brought out for the lynching. Dortunately, there  was a group of human templars sneaking through the city and when they saw a naked damsel in distress, they had to save her!  The templars took my friend away under cover of day light. Fools…

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