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OC-tober – Day 13: Akela

This good-hearted girl is a rune maker from the main city of the Empire, The Capitol. She studied runes at the magical school of The Capitol and managed to become a journeyman in the Runers Guild.  (It’s a huge accomplishment for a girl in the patriarchal society of the Empire.) She became quite famous for being brilliant in runemaking until it came out clear that her skill is more than a talent. It’s a destiny. *dun dun duuuuuun~*
Before the inquisition could do her any harm, she was kidnapped by Abeyryn, a strange renegade. Now she works as his servant.

age: 26
origin: a rune maker
abilities: sympathy, rediscovery of ancient runes
funny fact: Akela can’t fight. Nobody ever taught her. But she’s nice and likes people and other creatures. It was why I took her to several random games. Her personality worked quite well for random encounters, but she was ashamed for her looks and dirty clothes standing next to all those beautiful almost naked elven girls.

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