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2015-10-06 n.287 (1007)
OC-tober – Day 6: Aid

A totally useless RP character I used to play too much. This kid ran away to the surface with his older brother who didn’t make it. Aid is travelling alone since his brother’s death. He got several caretakers (I played him in at least 8 different games and this kid is just useless to survive on his own).  And somehow he’s always attracting interesting creatures – a soldier of the empire, an exiled elven general,  a gnoll, a living skeleton and – my favourite – a blood demon,
That thing he’s holding is his pet spider Mr. Leg.

age: 17 (similar to 4 or  5 for humans)
a lost kid
abilities: being cute and random teleportation when scared
funny fact: The best character for RP forums I ever had. What I usually met there were powerful mages, bloodthirsty demons, astonishing elven ladies and so and so. Everybody was magical, perfect, beautiful or/and scary. And of course mysterious.
Aid is none of that. But he is always shocked, astonished, amazed or scared by whatever the other players are. Sometimes you get the most fun having a supporting character mirroring the environment.
Actually I designed him for a campaign as an adult character, but never got there. Never needed to.

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