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2015-10-08 n.289 (1009)
OC-tober – Day 8: Katie

Today I wanted to draw a character which I invented, but never had a chance to fully play. Please, meet Katie. She’s a schoolgirl from a world similar to ours except magic, demons and so. (I call this world Night Prague. I invented it for several campaigns mostly for people living here who were familiar with the environment. It’s inspired by local folklore, my few encounters with a Larp Prague by Night and Lukjaněnko’s Night Watch.)
Katie would be a nice girl from a divorced family, if she wasn’t a reborn dark mage who had been drowned in the trunk of his car 12 years ago. Her previous personality “has woken up” just recently and she wants to get a revenge on her killers.

a scared schoolgirl
abilities: What? Abilities? She can draw nice kittens, I guess.
funny fact: I actually had one chance to play her when she tried to blackmail one of her killers over the phone.
*Facepalm* Yup. It was ten seconds of frightened breathing, then she mumbled that it was a mistake and hang up.
She’s just 11! Give her time and she will get there.

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