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OC-tober – Day 11: Elaiki Elai is a true elven lady. Except she hates poetry, she’s rock climbing and she can scold a dark elf. (The local dark elves are usually too surprised to do her any harm.) At the moment she’s living in Arkaba’s Star, the land of dark mages with that idiot I… Continue reading Elaiki


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OC-tober – Day 12: Ireen This small dark elf is another old character of mine. At one point, I was bored with all the mages and warriors and decided to leave “classic DnD classes” behind and to experiment a bit more. So I made Ireen. He used to be  a dancer/actor from a family of actors. They were allowed… Continue reading Ireen


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OC-tober – Day 13: Akela This good-hearted girl is a rune maker from the main city of the Empire, The Capitol. She studied runes at the magical school of The Capitol and managed to become a journeyman in the Runers Guild.  (It’s a huge accomplishment for a girl in the patriarchal society of the Empire.) She became quite… Continue reading Akela


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OC-tober – Day 14: Nanthiel Once I tried to join an RP group where everybody played characters similar to themselves. So I created Nanthiel, who was supposed to be like me – except pointy ears and curly hair. It was really strange to play “myself”. I didn’t like it (and never played with that GM again)… Continue reading Nanthiel


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OC-tober – Day 15: Hyaril I tried to play Nanthiel with another RP group, but our GM was really tough and she was killed quickly in a first “serous” fight. Because a creation of a new character would take too long, I got one of the rangers accompanying our military convoy. age: 270 origin: a ranger… Continue reading Hyaril


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OC-tober – Day 16: Sasil Sasil was an unfortunate spy enslaved by a terrorist organization. I encountered this organisation with my other characters before and I wanted to have an experience from the inside. He tried to run away with his wife, but he didn’t make it. He was able only to get his wife out and… Continue reading Sasil


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OC-tober – Day 17: Raiala This shy girl is the best prophetess ever. Her inner sight can predict the future so accurately… that people hate her. And she hates people. She hates everybody and everything, because at one point EVERYTHING disappoints you. And the worst part are her relationships with men. Ehm, actually her non-existing relationships… Continue reading Raiala


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OC-tober – Day 18: Ambis This tiny boy man is in fact a runaway mage from the Empire. Talkative, friendly and sweet. Who would have guessed that this nice kid young man is chased by the inquisition? He dediced to quit his promising career as a mage, run away to the wilderness and started washing dishes… Continue reading Ambis


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OC-tober – Day 19: Iaron Iaron is another favourite character of mine. He is a half demon and was able to read mind of everyone around, when he was a small kid. And everyone expected him to grow up into a demonic destroyer of the world.  This made him very insecure and afraid of his abilities… Continue reading Iaron


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OC-tober – Day 20: Vampiress My character from two sessions of Vampire: The Masquerade. It’s too long ago that I forgot her name and she died in the end 🙁 But I must say, that Vampire is fun and can recommend it to everyone who loves scary games. age: 23 origin: a young vampire abilities: not being good at vampire… Continue reading Vampiress