OC-tober: Kena

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2015-10-01 n.282 (1002) I decided to join OC-tober – a challenge where you are supposed to draw a different OC you created every day of the month.  I don’t usually do challenges, but this one is perfect. So for the day 1 – here is my first OC ever.  I actually got her as a… Continue reading OC-tober: Kena


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2015-10-04 n.285 (1005) OC-tober – Day 4: Dalmayr My first elven mage and actually the character who lasted the longest in the spotlight. I can’t say more, because Dalmayr is one of main characters in my webcomic Aeltarnen. age: 98 origin: a proud dark mage of Arkaba’s Star abilities: dark magic, sarcasm funny fact: I created him during my teenage years… Continue reading Dalmayr


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2015-10-05 n.286 (1006) OC-tober – Day 5: Lightbearer And later, when I was 15, arrived this shy but very brave creature. She doesn’t have any abilities, actually. Only walking through darkness. She is often mistaken for a demon, because of her dark eyes. Lightbearer will also appear  in my webcomic Aeltarnen. age: 52 origin: a lost creature… Continue reading Lightbearer


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2015-10-07 n.288 (1008) OC-tober – Day 7: Sharess My first dark elven character, a mysterious badass assassin.  Also having a major role in my webcomic.  He’s still one of my favourites (and I bet you have already noticed him – he forced me to create that parody comic Alltarnen). I also role played him in several campaigns. Definitely… Continue reading Sharess


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2015-10-08 n.289 (1009) OC-tober – Day 8: Katie Today I wanted to draw a character which I invented, but never had a chance to fully play. Please, meet Katie. She’s a schoolgirl from a world similar to ours except magic, demons and so. (I call this world Night Prague. I invented it for several campaigns… Continue reading Katie


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2015-10-09 n.290 (1010) OC-tober – Day 9: Khar I’ve already drawn some of my ancient OCs, so today is the newest one. A fire mage calling himself “Khar”. He’s a former head of Reilthan family (a fire elven nobility), but he lost his manor when the kingdom of Ralmion was defeated by the Empire. Having lost… Continue reading Khar