Shadow Dancer

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2015-04-09 n.99 (829) – Shadow Dancer – This unfortunate lady was killed by her brother, who fell in love with her and forced her to make love with him. Her brother was a megalomaniac necromant, so he turned her dead body into a war golem who copies behaviour and personality of the master. Yup, they are on a… Continue reading Shadow Dancer


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2015-04-10 n.100 (830) – Iziam – For my one hundredth picture this year I decided to revive this old character. He ran away from his terrible noble family (his sister did the same few years ago). Unfortunately he was caught by dark elven slavers and spent few months in an underground city as a pet slave. He later… Continue reading Iziam

A Sketchy Comic page

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2015-04-19 n.109 (839) – A Sketchy Comic Page – My tablet is still being repaired so I decided to try drawing a lineart of the next page with a pencil. It feels so weird… This is only a half of the next comic page, not sure if I will finish it. Do you like it? (Of course i… Continue reading A Sketchy Comic page

Small Taranis

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2015-04-20 n.110 (840) – Small Taranis – I was productive today. The pencil sketch style wouldn’t suit the story of my main comic, so I decided to make another script and to try the style on the new thing. So I finally wrote a script of a story featuring little Taranis, Sennah and Natali, that I had in my head… Continue reading Small Taranis