Chibi Nalin

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2014-10-08 n.282 (648) Nalin is just so unlucky kid. His mother committed suicide and his father… Nalin pretends not to know about him. He was living on his own in the streets until a mage discovered his unusual talents for magic and took him as an apprentice. A nice and shy boy. Lucky that he… Continue reading Chibi Nalin

A Ghostly Lover

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2014-10-11 n.285 (651) The ghostly lover comes to let the painremind you of your mistress’s life ended in vain. Having fallen in love with a human woman, Denzealiss tried to give her an eternal life through giving her half of his elven ageless soul. Unfortunatelly, she died and stayed attached to his soul, invisible for… Continue reading A Ghostly Lover