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2014-12-25 n.360 (725) – Unnamed – I guessed that I should make some friends for Etherasil, so this is one of his victims. He used to be known as Aess’ness, but he had lost his name. And yes, this strange anatomy is correct. He is a mummified undead. A killer war-golem made from a body… Continue reading Unnamed


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2015-10-07 n.288 (1008) OC-tober – Day 7: Sharess My first dark elven character, a mysterious badass assassin.  Also having a major role in my webcomic.  He’s still one of my favourites (and I bet you have already noticed him – he forced me to create that parody comic Alltarnen). I also role played him in several campaigns. Definitely… Continue reading Sharess