Chibi Nalin

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2014-10-08 n.282 (648) Nalin is just so unlucky kid. His mother committed suicide and his father… Nalin pretends not to know about him. He was living on his own in the streets until a mage discovered his unusual talents for magic and took him as an apprentice. A nice and shy boy. Lucky that he… Continue reading Chibi Nalin

A Ghostly Lover

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2014-10-11 n.285 (651) The ghostly lover comes to let the painremind you of your mistress’s life ended in vain. Having fallen in love with a human woman, Denzealiss tried to give her an eternal life through giving her half of his elven ageless soul. Unfortunatelly, she died and stayed attached to his soul, invisible for… Continue reading A Ghostly Lover


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2014-11-15 n.320 (685) Natali – Kata’s daughter obsessed with finding “the right man of her life”. She spend whole childhood finding a new father (with objections of her mother), and after growing up, she replaced this activity with a search for a boyfriend. Sorry Natali, you try TOO MUCH! Warning: with a high probability of becoming… Continue reading Natali


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2014-11-19 n.324 (689) Zallender or Zall – the teacher of demonology at Arkabas’ star magic school. He is fair, but quite choleric. It may be because Zall’s also a dragon. If you make him angry, he will glare at you with his dragon eyes. If you piss him off, he may turn into a red fire… Continue reading Zallender

The Hound and the Beast

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2014-11-23 n.328 (693) The Hound and the Beast – Kestrel and Goldenrod. There are many nicknames that were given to Faerlin and Rotundaliss. Nevertheless, there are no names which would make them more likeable and their ideas less stupid.


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2014-11-25 n.330 (695) Shela – This young man is a teacher of illusions at Arkabas’ Star magic school. (Ilusions are only magic he can perform.) Oh man, he thinks he’s so cool… So much that he had to get himself a tattoo. But he’s so afraid of needles and pain that the tattoo is just… Continue reading Shela


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2014-11-26 n.331 (696) Imnairi – This young man is a light elven mage specialist, trained to deal with blood, black and psychic magic. Very complicated job depending on purity of body, mind and energy. (Alcohol cloud probably kill him.) Still Imnairi is a troll who loves to trick common people with behaving according to the prejudice… Continue reading Imnairi

The Lightbearer

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2014-11-29 n.334 (699) The Lightbearer – This shy girl is the one who can walk through eternal darkness. And she can lead others through there with her Light. She’s one of The Creator’s servants. In her free time, she loves to read romance books, to spy boys and to chit chat with other weird looking creatures girls.


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2014-11-30 n.335 (700) Sharess – I wanted to draw someone special for my 700th picture of Daily Doodles! So here is Sharess, the famous assassin from The Guild. He is one of the reasons why tarnens are so feared. There is almost nothing known about his past (he chose this tarnen-queen-mocking code name when incoming to… Continue reading Sharess


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2014-12-25 n.360 (725) – Unnamed – I guessed that I should make some friends for Etherasil, so this is one of his victims. He used to be known as Aess’ness, but he had lost his name. And yes, this strange anatomy is correct. He is a mummified undead. A killer war-golem made from a body… Continue reading Unnamed


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2015-03-01 n.60 (790) – Faerias – Another fire elf. Faerias is a legendary fire mage, an outcast banished to the Empire for “having an affair with a dark elf mistress”. (Actually he was cast out as a result of power struggle within his family.) He is a troublemaker, so he ended up imprisoned there too. Faerias… Continue reading Faerias