OC-tober: Kena

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2015-10-01 n.282 (1002) I decided to join OC-tober – a challenge where you are supposed to draw a different OC you created every day of the month.  I don’t usually do challenges, but this one is perfect. So for the day 1 – here is my first OC ever.  I actually got her as a… Continue reading OC-tober: Kena


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2015-10-04 n.285 (1005) OC-tober – Day 4: Dalmayr My first elven mage and actually the character who lasted the longest in the spotlight. I can’t say more, because Dalmayr is one of main characters in my webcomic Aeltarnen. age: 98 origin: a proud dark mage of Arkaba’s Star abilities: dark magic, sarcasm funny fact: I created him during my teenage years… Continue reading Dalmayr


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2015-10-05 n.286 (1006) OC-tober – Day 5: Lightbearer And later, when I was 15, arrived this shy but very brave creature. She doesn’t have any abilities, actually. Only walking through darkness. She is often mistaken for a demon, because of her dark eyes. Lightbearer will also appear  in my webcomic Aeltarnen. age: 52 origin: a lost creature… Continue reading Lightbearer


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2015-10-06 n.287 (1007) OC-tober – Day 6: Aid A totally useless RP character I used to play too much. This kid ran away to the surface with his older brother who didn’t make it. Aid is travelling alone since his brother’s death. He got several caretakers (I played him in at least 8 different games… Continue reading Aid


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2015-10-07 n.288 (1008) OC-tober – Day 7: Sharess My first dark elven character, a mysterious badass assassin.  Also having a major role in my webcomic.  He’s still one of my favourites (and I bet you have already noticed him – he forced me to create that parody comic Alltarnen). I also role played him in several campaigns. Definitely… Continue reading Sharess


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2015-10-08 n.289 (1009) OC-tober – Day 8: Katie Today I wanted to draw a character which I invented, but never had a chance to fully play. Please, meet Katie. She’s a schoolgirl from a world similar to ours except magic, demons and so. (I call this world Night Prague. I invented it for several campaigns… Continue reading Katie


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2015-10-09 n.290 (1010) OC-tober – Day 9: Khar I’ve already drawn some of my ancient OCs, so today is the newest one. A fire mage calling himself “Khar”. He’s a former head of Reilthan family (a fire elven nobility), but he lost his manor when the kingdom of Ralmion was defeated by the Empire. Having lost… Continue reading Khar


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2015-10-10 n.291 (1011) OC-tober – Day 10: Niathan This idiot is my prescious baby. If I had to choose just one character that I would be able to play until the end of my days, it would be him. And he’s not even an elf. Are you surprised? This arrogant egoistic idiot is with me… Continue reading Niathan