The Lightbearer

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2014-11-29 n.334 (699) The Lightbearer – This shy girl is the one who can walk through eternal darkness. And she can lead others through there with her Light. She’s one of The Creator’s servants. In her free time, she loves to read romance books, to spy boys and to chit chat with other weird looking creatures girls.


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2015-10-05 n.286 (1006) OC-tober – Day 5: Lightbearer And later, when I was 15, arrived this shy but very brave creature. She doesn’t have any abilities, actually. Only walking through darkness. She is often mistaken for a demon, because of her dark eyes. Lightbearer will also appear  in my webcomic Aeltarnen. age: 52 origin: a lost creature… Continue reading Lightbearer