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2015-03-01 n.60 (790) – Faerias – Another fire elf. Faerias is a legendary fire mage, an outcast banished to the Empire for “having an affair with a dark elf mistress”. (Actually he was cast out as a result of power struggle within his family.) He is a troublemaker, so he ended up imprisoned there too. Faerias… Continue reading Faerias

Faerias Kernadeel

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2015-06-30 n.180 (910) – Faerias Kernadeel In case you were wondering why Salm was facepalming so hard after he found out that the bandits wanted to keep Faerias Kernadeel’s kid hostage. This is him. The absolutely least appropriate person to blackmail. But the reason of facepalming was a bit different: Faerias Kernadeel was sent to exile more than… Continue reading Faerias Kernadeel